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With Support From Deathcrush.

KOKO London 11th October 2013.

It’s been a while since I’ve ventured to the big smoke, for an NME presents night. I love going to these, as it gives me an opportunity to discover the bands that one of the biggest music franchises on the planet, deem worthy of new music. Tonight’s acts include Deathcrush, all the way from Oslo, Norway, supporting New Young Pony club, or as they are now known, simply NYPC.

So Deathcrush first then, a band I’ve never heard of, but I’m now extremely glad I have. On first appearances, you expect a pop trio to emerge, but how wrong you’ll be if you assume that, based solely on their good looks. There’s no denying that all three are young and attractive, the girls Ase Royset (lead vocals and guitar) and Linn Nystadnes (backing vocals and bass) were wearing shorts and t-shirts, seeming relatively trendy, but it was the shoes that gave them away, dirty old Nike pumps, saying, this is footwear they can afford to wreck when on stage.

Linn Nystadnes - Deathcrush

Then there’s Andreas Larssen on the drums, sporting a Killing Joke T-shirt, which immediately gives his musical tastes away. So these guys are a conundrum, not knowing quite what to expect, I wait eagerly for the performance to unfold and my, what a spectacle. After witnessing some truly erratic behaviour the music is even more so.  As the set went on, I was trying to figure out what genre they’d fall under, it turns out they fall under the category of “Riot Music” defined as a rebellion against ordinary music.

Ase Royset - Deathcrush

It’s choppy, changy, noisy compositions, that seem to fall into place with how the band perform. What a load of rubbish then, no, this band make it work, its completely diverse and interesting to watch and when the guitarist and bass player switched their instruments and started to play the others axes, I was blown away as I’ve never seen a band do that before. Being young and energetic, Ase decided to go walk about, jumped over the barrier and continued to sing in amongst the KOKO crowd.

Linn Nystadnes - Deathcrush.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you what the set list consisted of tonight, but what I can tell you, is if you’re interested in watching great live bands, these should be next on you’re list. I can also tell you Deathcrush have recently supported “The Dillinger Escape Plan” which is a great support slot to get, so expect to see them supporting another great band, in the UK, very soon!

Next up and in a complete contrast as far as performances and musical styles go, were headliners NYPC. Having released a new self titled album a week prior to the gig, the set list was heavily weighted towards the new material, but they did do their big hits, Ice cream and The Bomb.

Tahita Bulmer - NYPC

Their music features a heavy bass line courtesy of Andy Spence, beautiful vocals from Tahita Bulmer, drums from Sarah Jones and a guitarist (unknown) when required. If I was to describe their sound, I’d say they have given Kraftwerk a facelift, making them more palatable for today’s music fans and seeing a healthy 65,000 follows on Facebook, these guys are very much the hear and now. Definitely check out the new album NYPC, its very funky and hip and is getting great reviews from the fans of this band, who knows, you may discover you like them too.

Andy Spence - NYPC

I will finish with this though, some idiot started booing in the crowd which was totally uncalled for. Yes, NYPC may not be to everyone’s tastes, but there was no need for that. I personally thought the band were very good and commend Tahita’s cool head when dealing with the moron and I quote “Who’s booing, who ever it is, someone give him a nasty wedgy” hahaha.


Review by Jay Hawkins and photos copyright KOKO London and Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)