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Metal to the Masses Final Leicester 2016.

Now Drownload’s out the way, I can sit down and pen some words about this fabulous new event, that is Uprising (Resin Events in association with Firebug & Andy Wright) the brainchild of Matt Kirk and Mr. Simon Yarwood who are responsible for the M2TM’s events in Leicester and its new ‘Goldenboys’, as they managed to pull off the largest and best M2TM’s final to date.

Simon Yarwood - Resin

This all took place at the marvellous De Montford Hall and as I walked from the car park, which is a mere stones throw away from the venue and very reasonably priced at £4 for parking all day, I couldn’t help but notice the grandeur of today’s venue and the grounds in which De Montford Hall is situated are equally as impressive. This lead me to investigate a little more and did you know, De Montford Hall was in fact named after “Simon de Montford” a late Earl of Leicester (c. 1170–1218, confirmed 1207) I shit you not! The Architect was Shirley Harrison and it’s auditorium alone has a seating capacity of around 2000 people, which houses a restored pipe organ, estimated to be worth over £5 million, back in 2014… wish I’d known that before I went!

As grand as it’s setting, the days line up for ‘Uprising’ was equally as impressive as on the main stage alone, we had five great bands (Garganjua, Blood Oath, Final Coil, Conjurer and Temple of Lies) who were all battling it out for a place on the New Blood Stage at this years Bloodstock Festival. We also had five of the biggest and best live acts, currently active in the live music scene today (Internal Conflict, Beholder, Conan, Hell and Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band) and if that wasn’t enough, we had Acid Reign, AGHAST, Morass Of Molasses and SWAMP DELTA over on the second stage, as well as acoustic sets from Resin, James Cull & Rhett Barrow and The Midnight Dogs. And it didn’t stop there either, as we also had some rather alluring Burlesque acts who entertained the masses between the acoustic acts on stage 3.


The whole day was extremely well organised and thoroughly thought out, with everything taken into consideration. For example, outside in a safe and pleasant enclosure we had three types of food vendors to choose from, which I managed to sample two of, For me, the food selection is as important as the bands that play as in my book, I love eating! Motley Brew, who cater for all your caffeine and non caffeine related drinks, for the non-drinkers or those driving (like me) who, incidentally, were an official sponsor of today’s event. I’m sure you’ll spot him about, at a summer event near you, if so, go over and say hi, he’s now one of my festival highlights and saviors, especially the morning after a heavy days drinking! As for drinking, not only did we have the two bars to choose from, but we also had some very fine real ales to choose from but as this event was also sponsored by Hobgoblin, what did you expect!

As you can plainly see, this was a full days entertainment, in a fantastic venue, all for less than £20!!!

As this was primarily a M2TM’s finale, we were very eager to see who would go on to play Bloodstock, as we’ll be attending in an unofficial capacity (we won’t be covering the event as we’ll be getting drunk and enjoying ourselves for once) so it’s probably a good idea to discuss our thoughts on the bands that took part!

Garganjua were first up and are a band we know all too well, as this is a side project for Beholder’s lead guitarist, Scott Taylor! We have in fact reviewed Garganjua’s new album, which is fantastic so we’re aware of the doom-tastic capabilities of this band and wasn’t surprised to see them in this final. Lighting was dark and gloomy, just the way they like it, although difficult to shoot in but it does make for the perfect setting to their sound, so we can’t complain. I’m not 100% certain, but Scott sounded a little nervous in his vocals on the day, I don’t know if that’s because of the scale of this event, or if he’s not quite comfortable being a front man but Where he lacked in his vocal capabilities, he more than made up for with his guitar playing ability, phenomenal!


Blood Oath are probably the first band that I know of to get to a M2TM’s final, having only been a band for eight months, yet their attendance today based on the performance we witnessed, was justified! We can be forgiven for not knowing who this band were going into this event, as it appears very few people do looking at their Facebook page, with only an insulting 259 people following, s that really doesn’t do this band any justice! All I can say is, the few that have heard of this band have very good taste, so when these guys become massive stars, playing their Groovy Death Metal, which was brilliant to watch btw, at least you can say you knew of them, before the fame and the glory. Personally, I love discovering bands like this and watching them grow in popularity! I’ve seen it happen many times now and I’ve gotten pretty good a spotting real talent and potential, so I’m tipping these to be a huge success in the not too distant future!

Final Coil we’re our least favourite band out of the five, that doesn’t mean to say they were rubbish, but in a battle of a bands, you consciously rate bands in some measurable order, based on ability. For us, I felt the vocal were their weakest point, but their musical ability was brilliant and I got into their groove quite well during solo’s etc. This band consists of a great bunch of people though, and their bass player rocks!

From what I can gather, after speaking to people on the day, the next band, Conjurer went into this competition as a firm favourite to win it and their energy and style of music (post-sludge) was faultless on the day. Andy, the band’s Bass player even decided to jump off the massive De Montford stage and jam out in the photographers pit, where he was soon set upon by said photographers – like a swarm they were! Great set, from a very hard working, competent band, who are currently signed to Holy Roar Records and we expect to see more of these guys!


The final band battling it out for a place were Temple of Lies and another band tat we’ve not come across before today but are now happy we can say we’ve seen them play live, as they played out of their skins on the day and we really enjoyed their set. Front man Si Shaw is a born performer and a joy to watch on stage. Signed to Attic Records, I’m certain we’ll be seeing these guys playing again very soon!

All the bands that played in the final are winners in our book, if it was left to us, we would have sent through either Blood Oath or Temple of Lies but thankfully, that responsibility wasn’t ours and we didn’t envy the judges, who’s job it was to decide the winners! That honour went to more distinguished gentlemen, who chose Doomer’s Conjurer as their overall winners, but with a plot twist, they also decided to grant Garganjua a runners up prize, so they too go on to play at BOA this year and much kudos to these guys, we’ll see you all there!

Looking at both the winning bands and the doom metal style they play, this clearly tells us what the festival were looking for this year, it’s true, doom has grown in popularity of late – just look at Desert Fest, for example. Great stuff, the losing bands shouldn’t give up, as the M2TM’s event is a great way to play to a well distinguished organisation and if nothing else, it gets you recognised by new fans!

As for the rest of the day, Internal Conflict were subliminal and it was great to see them playing on a large stage, such as De Montford Hall. These guys are a great example of what a band can achieve going through the M2TM’s event and we love them for it. They’re hard working, produce great ‘energetic’ music and all members of the band are grounded, down to earth guys and who are easily approachable, yet they have ambition and desire to do well, which no one can fault them for!

Internal Conflict

We saw yet another flawless set from Beholder, who’s latest album ‘Reflections’ has been their most successful offering to date and has catapulted them into new territory and stardom. It’s popularity has also earned them a return slot on the Sophie Lancaster stage at this years BOA, so we look forward to seeing them again this year,which must be our fourth time in 2016 alone!

Doom lords, in comparison, Conan, wow’d the crowd with their crushing riffs and these guys were a great compliment to today’s line up and a great choice, as they’ve already played Desert Fest and are soon to embark on their second tour of Australia, which also includes their first trip to New Zealand. These guys are going places in the music world, so to catch a glimpse of them here, at Uprising, was a great honour.

Hell, who hail from rival city Derby (my current place of residence) stole the show today though, with a full stage production, that included all the pyrotechnics you’d expect at a Rammstein gig! Although, this was only our second time seeing Hell, it was in fact our first full show experience, as not every venue you play in can accommodate 12ft flame blasts, which are as hot as hell it’s self – let me tell you! I was under the impression the togs were only allowed in the pit for the first three songs, as only after that, would the flames be fired but nope, I was stood right next to one when it first fired and I shit my pants, quite literally! I survived though, with an experience I’ll never forget as this band are truly amazing. What a show, wish they’d also play Bloodstock this year aswell, nudge nudge, wink wink!


As the stage was stripped bare in preparation for Motorhead’s own Phil Campbell’s All Star Band, I felt a little sorry for them having to follow on from Hell, but with Phil’s legendary statues and guitar playing, if anyone could pull it off, he could, well, you’d think so anyway. The start of their set seemed to be plagued with issues, with Phil not entirely happy with the sound and few grimacing faces from other band members and the lead singer constantly looking down, to read the lyrics to cover songs. This wasn’t the band I remember seeing a few years back at HRH, when they were excellent! Less we forget, Phil has recently lost a lifelong friend and former band member in Lemmy Kilmister, earlier this year, god rest his soul, so maybe I’m being a little too critical, but as a viewer, it wasn’t the best performance of the day, by any means! As their set went on though, it did get infinitely better and watching Phil shred was a delight – he truly is a master guitarist, of that I’m certain!

Phil Campbell's All Star Band(1)

Mr Yarwood and co. pulled off a truly memorable all day event, of which I’m certain will only grow as I’m aware that the gears are already turning for next years event! We’d like to extend our gratitude, to Resin Events for inviting us to cover their first ever Uprising and certainly hope it isn’t our last, as today was incredible! I feel I’ve waffled on enough, but I’m sure you’ll agree, this event was far from ordinary, it was in fact very special!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Black Country M2M Final

Fixxion Warehouse Project Wolverhampton 23rd May 2015.

After months of blood, sweat and probably a few tears, the final of the Black Country Metal 2 The Masses is upon us and with Exiles Of Elysium, Eyes Of The Raven, XVII, Glass Bullet, Slaughter Horse and A Born Disaster all being the successful victors from the previous heats, it’s definitely going to be a tough final.

With the draw for tonight’s running order placing Exiles Of Elysium as openers for this event, these guys made quick work in raising the adrenaline charge from zero to max. In the blink of an eye, Exiles Of Elysium did a great job in bringing hardcore to the room and the unleashing of a circle pit was equally as brutal to that of their set.

Andrew Horton - Exiles Of Elysium

Eyes Of The Raven have been firm favourites throughout this competition, and it isn’t hard to see why as these guys have their foundations built from the up front and honest spirit of metal itself. Their set tonight was certainly well received by Fixxion’s audience and as always, it was over way too fast – which for me is always an indicator of a great job well done!

Eyes Of The Raven

XVII were the next band to take to the stage with front man Vaughn Bennett heading up the most brutal attack of metal. Their entire performance tonight was delivered with the kind of raging symmetry that left nothing spared in it’s intensity or power and from start to their finish, XVII were superb.

Vaughan Bennett - XVII

With their feet placed firmly within the realms of rock and metal, Glass Bullet were next to lay siege upon Fixxion’s audience, with a pandemic onslaught of much heaviness and dual guitar riffage. A technical guitar issue saw Ben Evan’s performance on guitar require him to step up into the realms of unbelievable and that is exactly what he did – so much kudos going out to him and to the band for letting nothing get in their way tonight.

Alex Caldicott - Glass Bullet

Our penultimate competitors tonight were Slaughter Horse and in my humble opinion, these guys delivered a performance tonight that surpassed any performance of theirs that I’ve ever witnessed before! Slaughter Horse have never lacked in the raging metal department but the transformation in their stage presentation tonight, launched them into an orbit of psychotic uniqueness that was simply spellbinding to watch.

Jim Chilton - Slaughter Horse

Tonight’s closing performance in this, the first chapter of the Black Country Metal To The Masses, was provided by none other that A Born Disaster . Once again, these guys were clearly a firm favourite with the audience and whose support to the band was equally as vociferant as ABD’s delivery of their own brand of metal, and you really couldn’t wish for a more awesome way in which to sign off the final heat for this competition.

Joey Stanton - A Born Disaster

With all six finalists having played their impressive sets, Simon Hall was now faced with making the ultimate decision as to which Black Country band would be making their way to Bloodstock 2015. I dare say the memory of those anxious minutes came flooding back to Eradikator who were this evenings guest band and winners of last years regional comp but no anxieties about their set tho, as Eradikator delivered a Rolls Royce metal cased performance that really put the golden seal on the whole night.

With the final decision made, Simon’s announcement came to the sounds of much audience approval, and none more louder than those of XVII who will now be performing on the Newblood Stage at Bloodstock with the other successful heat winners from across the UK and Europe.

Much kudos going out to XVII and to all the other bands who have taken part, the judges, Mayhem Promotions, Bearded Monkey Promotions and of course, the Metalheads who have supported the Black Country Metal To The Masses from the very beginning. Roll on 2016!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Metal To The Masses

Black Country Bands Battle For Bloodstock!

Bearded Monkey and Mayhem promotions are proud to present the FIRST ever Black Country Metal To The Masses at Fixxion Warehouse Project in Wolverhampton on the 23rd May 2015.

28 bands have battled it out over the last couple of months to win a slot on this years BLOODSTOCK festival with a line up which includes Trivium, Within Temptation, Rob Zombie, Black Label Society and many more.

Metal 2 The Masses

The finalists for this years Black Country Metal To The Masses are XVII, Eyes Of The Raven, Exiles Of Elysium, Slaughter Horse, A Born Disaster and Glass Bullet.

The bands will be joined by very special guests and last years winners of Birmingham’s M2TM Eradikator.

For tickets and information on the event you can contact the promoters Bearded Monkey Promotions and Mayhem Promotions on m2tm@fixxionwhp.com or alternatively find them on Facebook and Twitter.