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Metal Hammer

Lord Of The Riffs Tour 2.
The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 9th November 2014.

Having attended the first instalment of Metal Hammers, Lord of the Riffs, I knew from that experience, the 2nd chapter was one not to miss! As the title suggests, you get three great bands at a show, that could play any stage or festival and would wow the crowd, regardless of musical taste (within reason). This time round we had Kyng, Lionize and Planet of Zeus, all for the poultry price of a tenner and that doesn’t buy you 2 drinks at the bar, these days! The tour isn’t biased towards any one band, so each of the eleven dates alters the playing order of each band. I asked if this changes which tracks they play, to which each responded “we’re clearly trying to out do the other two bands and be the best”. There was clearly a healthy rivalry between each of them, but they respected each other in equal measure.

Tonight’s order saw Lionize up first on this particular night and as I got down to the Rescue Rooms far too early, I did get to see these guys sound check, which certainly helped to wet the appetite!

You can check that interview out here, which I though went well – you be the judge.

All the way from Silversprings USA, Lionize’s performance tonight was as crisp as a fresh winters morning, chilling in all the right places. Their set supported tracks from the bands new album “Jetpack Soundtrack” which is a fantastic body of work and has been given some exquisite production from non other than JP of the band Clutch. I’m a big fan of Clutch and so are these guys, I just hope their mentors don’t influence them too much, so they maintain their originality, which I can hear on their previous four albums.

Nate Bergman

Chris on the keys, helped to produce a fantastic array of sounds, which helped to separate them from the other two bands, I loved the bands energy on stage, but feel Nate was putting his entire body soul into his performance tonight. I loved these guys, with their soulful mix of reggae/rock riffed melodies, just don’t turn into a Clutch clone, stay original!

Chris Brooks

Next up, Kyng, from Los Angeles, California, who I also got to speak too before their set, when a fellow journalist allowed me to take part in an interview. I must say, Eddie Veliz, lead singer and guitarist was on top form in the jokes department and in that interview, he was clearly enjoying the tour. I was surprised to learn that this band nearly called it a day, that was until they released their debut album “Burn the Serum” which managed to generate enough interest in the band to enable them to tour the world and staying as a band in the process, PHEW, personally I’m loving it!

Eddie Veliz

Go check out the track “Electric Halo” the video for it is pretty cool too. I also felt that tonights performance was marginally the better of the three, but that may be down to my personal taste in music and was one of the best I’ve seen for a while. It is a shame to report that tonight’s attendance was low, but I do know that attendance at the rest of the dates, after this was healthier, which is what these three bands deserve!

Tony Castaneda

The third act originally billed were Anti-Mortem, but having disbanded before the tour started, their spot was filled by the awesome “Planet of Zeus” all the way from Greece. It seems that this country are producing some good quality bands, oflate, so a fellow journalist asked the band why they thought that is and there answer was hilarious “probably because no-one is working, so to do something, were all forming bands” I clearly saw the funny side in that statement, but it must be hard on the people of that country, so I hope business picks up soon. As for tonight’s set – incredible, if I hadn’t just seen Kyng play, I would say these guys were next on the list, followed by Lionize.

Babis Papanikolaou

If there was a crown for the lord of the riffs, it would have to be Kyng, but my god, PoZ come a very close second! Lets hope we see any one of these three on a festival bill, here in the UK next year, because you won’t be disappointed!

Serapheim Syke Giannakapoulas

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)