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The One Hundred

Rock City Basement Nottingham 6.5.17

Tonight was more of a personal conquest, than anything else. Having seen The One Hundred a while back, when they played the closing day of the first and so far only Rockcomm in London, I was suitably impressed. Sadly, on that occasion, the lighting was terrible and I got no usable shots, so tonight was more about satisfying my own personal goal, to get some half decent shots of a well decent band!

The One Hundred

Before the main act, there was one other band on tonight and they go by the name of Massmatiks. This four-piece, hail from the big smoke and are indeed explosive, as described by themselves. These guys were the perfect accompaniment to support The One Hundred and got the Basement jumping – quite literally!


Having released their fourth single ‘Meat’, it would appear that they are starting to gather momentum and with a healthy amount of followers, these guys are starting to turn heads and taking names, along the way! Not usually my sort of music but these guys were so energetic and fun to watch live, I couldn’t help but get into them, as they were very entertaining. Well done lads, if I see you appear on a bill in the future, I’ll be sure to head over and check you out, to see how you’ve developed.

Martin Linch - Massmatiks

Band members consist of the following;
George Peploe – Vocals
Joe Turner – Guitar
Martin Linch – Bass
Josh Stagg – Drums

Tonight was a real triumph for The One Hundred, in my eyes. Having only played here in Nottingham once before, when they supported Papa Roach in the main room, they had never played here before as a main headline band and seeing as this was their first ever headline tour, they were nervous about playing here and the numbers they’d get in to watch them. I can report, the crowd was of a healthy size, not too full, I’d say comfortable. I’m also happy to report, there was non of this ‘crowd killing’ bollox, that appears to taking place far too much these days, instead, there was some good old fashioned circle pits, with some respectable moshers within it.

Phil Kneller - The One Hundred

Their long overdue second album gets released on the 2nd of June via Relapse Records, titled ‘Chaos & Bliss‘ and believe it or not, I’m feeling their new single ‘Monster’ and the video that accompanies it – Ghostbuster fans will love it too! I especially love the fact that the bands lead singer, Jacob Field, is wearing what looks like a Pikachu onesie, in several of the scenes!

Jacob Field - The One Hundred

These guys are the future and it would appear, teenage girls, love these guys!

Although, a quick night out for a Saturday, it was most enjoyable – the crowd loved it, we loved it and the bands most certainly loved it too!

Band Members consist of the following;
Jacob Field – Vocals
Tim Hider – Guitar
Phil Kneller – Bass
Joe Balchin – Drums

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK).