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Mallory Knox

Rock City Nottingham 7th October 2015.

Well, summer is well and truly dead……yippy, I think? Nah, not really, I love the long hot summer days, being stuck at work but joking aside, that does mean the end of the outdoor festival season, which is great for us, as the indoor arena tours start back up again, YAY! It’s been a good four months since we last ventured to Rock City, so we were happy to be back tonight, to see Mallory Knox on their homecoming tour, with support from both The Xcerts and Set It Off.

First up were The Xcerts, as traffic was bad and the venue opened it’s doors at the physically unachievable time of 6pm (due to having a blasted student night after) meant I pretty much missed most of this bands set. I did however manage to catch the last two songs and what I heard sounded pretty good. Founded in 2003 and signed to Raygun Records, they have in fact released three full length albums, the latest being “There Is Only You” which was released back in April this year. What I will say is for a three piece band, these guys managed to fill the room with a quality sound that got the, near to capacity crowd, rocking!

Murray Macleod - The Xcerts

Set List Consisted of: 1.Live Like This 2.Kids On Drugs 3.I Don’t Care 4.She 5.Slackerpop 6.Shaking In The Water 7.There Is Only You

Set It Off, the next bands name certainly fits their on-stage antics as they got the crowd going! As I look around the room, the core fan base were of a much younger age than myself, however there were other older gentleman dotted about the room, who were probably accompanying their teenage child – not that that’s a bad thing, it just says to me these guys appeal to a much younger generation and maybe a band to look out for in the years to come. It’s always good to keep in touch with the younger acts coming through, as you never know who’s going to be filling arenas years later down the line. These guys had travelled a long way to be here in the UK for this tour, coming from Florida.

Cody Carson - Set It Off.

Cody, the lead vocalist did mention the weather here is slightly colder but he soon warmed up, running around, both on and off the stage. He also managed to get the crowd to participate quite a lot during their set, which is always good to see. Following the release of their latest album “Duality” they have managed to attract quite the following, both sides of the Atlantic but this is in fact their fifth studio album to date, from what I can see in my research. I must admit, I know absolutely nothing more about these guys, why would I, they don’t really fall into my musical taste being classed as “Orchestral Pop Rock, what ever that is, but they were entertaining, energetic and very capable musicians, who appeal to a much younger audience, so kudos to them, for doing what they do well.

Maxx Danziger - Set It Off

Set List Consisted of: 1.Forever Stuck in Our Youth 2.The Haunting 3.N.M.E. 4.Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 5.Bleak December 6.Wild Wild World 7.Ancient History 8.Bad Guy 9.Why Worry

If you’re still reading, you may think my thoughts on the headliner “Mallory Knox” may continue in the same vein as the previous band, but you would be wrong. Having discovered this band at Download this year where they featured on the main stage, I was blown away by their maturity, although, you could still consider them a young band.

Mikey Chapman - Mallory Knox

Forged in the fires of Ely, in Cambrdgeshire back in 2009, these guys have been very busy touring the world with quality acts ever since. Last year, the bands second album “Asymmetry” was released, both in the UK and later in the US, where they obviously picked up a strong fan base off the back of their first tour of America. All the singles from this album managed to reach the radio 1 playlists, which says to me that these guys are primarily hitting the under 30’s age group (which radio 1 openly admits they are happy with).

Sam Douglas - Mallory Knox

If it hadn’t been for Download, I and many others over the age of 30 may never discover this type of band. I’m not saying I like every track, but the hit singles are catchy, energetic and christ, I’m only 35 so I can still like and relate to younger bands! Tonight also gave me a great opportunity to try out my new camera!

Mallory Knox

Set List Consisted of: 1.Shout at the Moon 2.Wake Up 3.Getaway 4.Lonely Hours 5.Hello 6.Dying to Survive 7.Heart & Desire 8.Ghost in the Mirror 9.Glimmer 10.Beggars 11.When Are We Waking Up? 12.Death Rattle 13.Dare You 14.She Took Him to the Lake 15.Oceans 16.Lighthouse

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)