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Stone Broken

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 18th December 2015.

Tonight see’s months of hard work all come together for Stone Broken, with the launch of their debut album ‘All In Time’ and with support from Cause To Effect, My Great Affliction and Lightfire, this is most definitely a night that is not to be missed.

Getting things off to a fine and dandy start for the early evening crowd were Wolverhampton’s very own, Cause To Effect. I had the pleasure of first seeing this band back in October and given their feel for melodic harmonies and rich guitar riffs, they were a great addition to tonight’s line up. Do check these guys out over on Facebook as I’m sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from them in 2016!

Dan Harris and Ged Green - Cause To Effect

My Great Affliction have been noticeable by their absence in recent months, so tonight’s set from the band was a most welcomed addition by me. These guys never fail to deliver some substantial rock ‘n’ roll and frontman Ste Gough is always quite the character on stage. It was great to hear some new songs from the band aswell and I believe My Great Affliction will be heading off to the studio in the new year to do some recording, so that is definitely something to look forward to!

Ste Gough - My Great Affliction

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing a festive jumper or four on stage and despite the heat under the Slade Rooms lights, our penultimate band of the evening Lightfire, were just the right guys to make this point. Lightfire’s set tonight was rammed to the brim with energy and their intense brand of full-toned rock certainly went down well with the audience – as did their version of ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. I’m guessing that Lightfire picked up a few new fans tonight and quite rightly so, as their performance tonight was first class!

Lee Nightingale - Lightfire

With all three bands having done a mighty fine job tonight in supporting Stone Broken in the launch of their debut album ‘All In Time’, the moment was finally upon us, as the band took to the stage amidst thunderous cheers from a packed out Slade Rooms. The smile on Rich Moss’s face spoke louder than any words ever could do and if ever memories could be captured and bottled, then I’m sure that that moment would definitely be a very much cherished one.

Rich Moss - Stone Broken

The official release date for ‘All In Time’ is 29th January 2016, so tonight was the perfect opportunity to hear the album played live and for those in attendance, the chance to also pick up an advance copy of it. This ten track little beauty collectively captures the ability within the band to write songs with blazing guitar riffs, vibrant drum/bass lines and poignant lyrics, with particular favourites of mine being ’Better’ and ’Another Day’, both of which earned some pretty enthusiastic audience approval tonight.

Kieron Conroy and Rich Moss - Stone Broken

Without any doubt at all, I can say that Stone Broken were outstanding tonight, as I felt that each band member took their individual and joint performances to a new level. Stage presence can be learnt but in my opinion, the foundations have to be strong in the first place and Stone Broken have never stood stronger than they did tonight!

Robyn Haycock - Stone Broken

Stone Broken and ‘All In Time’ made one hell of an impression tonight and I left the Slade Rooms feeling very excited for the band and the bright future that now awaits them.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.


EP Review…. ‘Run Aground’.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch Lightfire live on several occassions over the past twelve months and with each and every gig that I’ve seen, these guys have always delivered a performance so loaded with energy that they simply draw you in and run away with ya! Unfortunately for them, having made such an impression live, means that I have an expectation for an equally high standard in their recorded material to match, so no pressure there for these guys then!

Their three track EP ‘Run Aground’ first hit the airwaves in February of this year and from the first few opening bars, the decadent guitar licks and pounding drum beats of ‘Ignorance’ were sheer bliss to these little ‘ole ears of mine. Trying to sit still whilst listening to this song is about as easy as not chewing a fruit pastille – you simply can’t do it! Second track of the EP ‘The System’ leads you straight on down that same path, being fast and enduring in it’s purpose and attitude, and once again, Lightfire have given us another mighty fine song that powers on from start to finish and succeeds in sweetly capturing the true worth of the band.

I have to say, I was expecting the third and final track ‘Time’ to continue in a similar vein, but instead I was met with a simple, yet stunningly beautiful, guitar melody that twisted and weaved into a dream like musical abyss and venturing into a style I’ve not heard from these guys before. Vocal maestro Scott Sieradski, tells the story with an equally emotive mindset and the whole experience and suprise of this song was a total show stopper for me.

Listening to this EP was an absolute pleasure and only served to raise the respect I have for this band and the great talent they possess, so I can highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this little gem!

Review by Sue Wardle