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Twisted Ninja Presents

The Haygate Wellington Sunday 1st May 2016.

This Charity Weekender has provided an absolute wealth of great music and also set about raising funds for some well worthy charities and today is set to follow in exactly the same vein. Sunday’s charity of choice is Blesma and here were have an organisation whose mission is to assist veterans who have suffered the loss of limbs or sight, in the course of serving their country. It’s difficult to comprehend the impact that this kind of life changing event can have on a person and their family, but the work of Blesma has been tireless in it’s campaigning and the testimonials on their website shows just how much they have achieved for those in need of Blesma’s support.


With a slight change to today’s line up due to PTO being unable to play, the first band on stage were Black Star Bullet. Due to my late arrival at The Haygate, I missed their set, so apologies to the band for my lack of coverage of their performance.

And with the band Buzzard already in full flight, the Haygate was definitely rocking. Buzzards style of in ya face rock is first class and with songs such as ‘Another Chain’ plus a rather impressive version of ‘Teenage Kicks’ that included Mat from Valous on guest vocals, Sunday was looking to be a very promising day indeed!

Andy Ve - Buzzard

Next up were Wolff and it was good to see these guys again as their debut EP released back in early 2015 left quite an impression – especially the track ‘Lycanthropic Tendencies’, which I was chuffed to hear included in their set today. The band have quite a few dates coming up over the next few months, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for all the latest Wolff news.

What can I say about Torous that I haven’t said already as there really is something about this band that never fails to capture the imagination. Today’s set included some of the unmistakable tracks from their EP ‘Dried Bones’ and also gave us an introduction to the forthcoming new single ‘God Game Suicide’ which has all the attributes of another raging success for the band!

Marc Malone - Torous

Another band that are ever popular at The Haygate are West Midlands based The Black Hounds. The band have a busy time ahead with the forthcoming launch of their new EP ‘Gallows‘ which I can assure you is a bit of a cracker and one that needs to be checked out, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more details about that!

Tonight’s set from Left For Red was one of the must see performances of the day for me as with Dan Carter planning on a little Paternity leave, tonight’s set was quite possibly the last chance I will get to catch this everlasting line up for a little while. And as always and very much true to great form, Left For Red absolutely nailed it tonight, despite having played three gigs over three nights with a fair few miles travelled aswell.

Rob Hadley - Left For Red

Our next band of the night were the one and only Theia and when it comes down to loads of on stage energy, great rock ‘n’ roll and a performance laced with the fact that these guys are all having a great time aswell, then this band is one that should never be missed. Theia’s set tonight was a combination of some of their timeless classics plus a few of their newer songs and it was so impressive to see once again, a band who never take their musical progression for granted.

With Sunday evening well and truly in full swing our next band of the night were Valous. Recent changes to their line up brings Lee ‘Wilf’ Wilson back again but now on full time bass duties and also Ben Read on guitar, who is the second new addition to the fold. Valous always deliver 110% metal and tonight’s set was once again, a powerhouse performance from Mat and the guys.

Mat Shutt - Valous

With the end of the day fast approaching there was no chance to catch your breath as our penultimate band for Sunday were Worcestershire based, Fury. The stage really is a natural habitat for these guys and forty minutes of epic metal just wasn’t enough, as these guys have the knack of making time fly. With a new album set for release next month, I hope it isn’t too long before Telford see’s them back up here again, as that will be a must go to gig for sure!

Julian Jenkins and Mart Trail - Fury

As far as our headlining band goes, you could be forgiven for assuming upon seeing the name Diamond Head on the poster that it was referring to a tribute band or cover act, as ultimately these guys are not out of place on an arena stage just about anywhere in the world, but I kid you not, we are talking about the real mccoy here!!

Karl Wilcox - Diamond Head

The Haygate simply lapped up the hearty set that Diamond Head delivered, which truly was a great thing to witness as these guys clearly put the full weight of their commitment into supporting this great event and brought an amazing weekend to an end on an incredible high!

This weekend has been one to remember and the amount of preparation and organisation that has gone into making it happen, must truly have been a labour of love and none of it would have been possible without the support of the bands, The Haygate, Stage and Studio Services and of course, The Twisted Ninja Team. Andy, Helen, Becky, Lee and Louise deserve a huge amount of recognition for all of the effort and commitment that they put into this weekend and I’m sure that all the bands will be most happy to raise a glass…. or two, in appreciation of all their tireless support.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 26th March 2016.

Tonight’s event is set to be a bit of a celebration, with no less than five bands playing in support of our headliners, Left For Red who are hot to celebrate the launch of their latest single ‘Utopia’.

And first up on stage were the Kidderminster based band, Rustlung. Intensely hard and impressively ruthless, Rustlung played with true grit that swiftly had the audience raising their fists in brutal satisfaction. Check these guys out over on their Facebook page as 2016 already has the makings of a very good year for Rustlung.

Dave Breakwell and Pete Davies - Rustlung

Next up on stage were Fury, who are a band that really need little introduction. Having seen this band live on several occasions over the past few years, a first class performance from these guys is always a dead cert and tonight’s set from Fury certainly went down a storm!

Julian Jenkins and Mart Trail - Fury

Having travelled from Madrid to England to play a handful of select gigs, tonight saw Kaothic take to the O2 Academy3 stage for the first time and deftly prove that metal is most certainly a universal language. It truly was a privileged to see these guys play live and I can most definitely recommend that you check them out.

Zyrus - Kaothic

Tonight’s set from Devil’s Playground marked the beginning of what I anticipate to be, a new and rather exciting venture. When it comes to setting the measure for your very first gig, Devil’s Playground were a force to truly be reckoned with, so do keep your eye’s open for more gigs from this up and coming band as you only have yourself to blame if you don’t!

Leanne Nardone - Devil's Playground

And while we’re on the subject of devils, what more could you wish for than an eerily satanic set from none other than The Heretic Order. Swathed in the darkest of red light and hell bent on summoning the great gods of metal, The Heretic Order certainly left their mark on the O2 Academy3 tonight!

It seems only fitting that tonight’s headliners Left For Red saw fit to launch their new single ‘Utopia’ here at the O2 Academy3, on the very same stage that their outstanding album ‘All Things Known and Buried’ was also launched from, back in February of this year. And for those that have yet to see the video for ‘Utopia’ or just want to watch it again, then here it is!

Left For Red’s set tonight was delivered with a mighty punch and it was so good to see a packed out room and an audience full of support for all that this great band undoubtedly deliver.

LC Decoy - Left For Red

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Left For Red

Left For Red - Vol 002 Mercy Flight

‘Vol 2 – Mercy Flight’ EP Review.

I have heard of these guys out and about on the live circuit and seem to remember catching them live a couple of years ago so, when I was asked to do a review of their current E.P. I was interested to hear how it would sound. So….here goes.

Track one, ‘Kneel before you die’. This track instantly gets you moving with its rolling rhythmic feel and huge riffs. These are reminiscent of the ever popular stoner movement. The calling of the jungle drum intro makes you want to get in the pit straight away, with vocals that make me think of Morrisey, giving it a very English and punky vibe.

Track two, ‘The Obsession’, is the slow burner of the E.P. and makes me think of Alice In Chains (which is a good thing). This is a definite ‘less is more’ song which relies more on the vocal melody than the music and when the vocalist introduces some screaming into the mix, it makes the track even more powerful.

Track three, ‘Mercy Flight’, has the most energy to it and is a strong way to end the E.P. With it’s (Machine Head) Supercharger sounding intro, and rolling tom orientated drum beat, the song has a really catchy chorus with vocal harmonies which is a great dynamic to have as a band. If this doesn’t get you out of your seat then you must be one lazy bastard.

Left For Red

For me, this sounds like a band who wear their influences on their sleeves but without sounding like rip-off merchants, hints of 90’s Nu-Metal, Grunge and even Stoner Rock seep through these three tracks without one particular genre taking the lead. The production is clear and punchy giving the tracks a really solid sound. You could argue that the vocals are a little higher in the mix than necessary which is a shame as, for me, they are not the strongest element of the band, not terrible, just doesn’t float my boat. You can tell that ‘The Riff’ is important to these West Midland bruisers and that gets a big thumbs up in my book straight from the get go.

Review by The Purple Piper