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Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 26th March 2016.

Tonight’s event is set to be a bit of a celebration, with no less than five bands playing in support of our headliners, Left For Red who are hot to celebrate the launch of their latest single ‘Utopia’.

And first up on stage were the Kidderminster based band, Rustlung. Intensely hard and impressively ruthless, Rustlung played with true grit that swiftly had the audience raising their fists in brutal satisfaction. Check these guys out over on their Facebook page as 2016 already has the makings of a very good year for Rustlung.

Dave Breakwell and Pete Davies - Rustlung

Next up on stage were Fury, who are a band that really need little introduction. Having seen this band live on several occasions over the past few years, a first class performance from these guys is always a dead cert and tonight’s set from Fury certainly went down a storm!

Julian Jenkins and Mart Trail - Fury

Having travelled from Madrid to England to play a handful of select gigs, tonight saw Kaothic take to the O2 Academy3 stage for the first time and deftly prove that metal is most certainly a universal language. It truly was a privileged to see these guys play live and I can most definitely recommend that you check them out.

Zyrus - Kaothic

Tonight’s set from Devil’s Playground marked the beginning of what I anticipate to be, a new and rather exciting venture. When it comes to setting the measure for your very first gig, Devil’s Playground were a force to truly be reckoned with, so do keep your eye’s open for more gigs from this up and coming band as you only have yourself to blame if you don’t!

Leanne Nardone - Devil's Playground

And while we’re on the subject of devils, what more could you wish for than an eerily satanic set from none other than The Heretic Order. Swathed in the darkest of red light and hell bent on summoning the great gods of metal, The Heretic Order certainly left their mark on the O2 Academy3 tonight!

It seems only fitting that tonight’s headliners Left For Red saw fit to launch their new single ‘Utopia’ here at the O2 Academy3, on the very same stage that their outstanding album ‘All Things Known and Buried’ was also launched from, back in February of this year. And for those that have yet to see the video for ‘Utopia’ or just want to watch it again, then here it is!

Left For Red’s set tonight was delivered with a mighty punch and it was so good to see a packed out room and an audience full of support for all that this great band undoubtedly deliver.

LC Decoy - Left For Red

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.