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With Support From Fury and Droid Soup.

The Sitwell Tavern Derby 11th January 2014.

Firstly, Happy New Year music fans, lets hope 2014 is as good, if not better than 2013. From a personal perspective, it’s been interesting to see what fellow journalists have chosen as their first gigs of 2014. A fair few decided to see the mighty Evil Scarecrow over in Nottingham tonight, for their home town show and from what I can gather it was well covered and a great show. I decided on, with it’s ever increasing in popularity, The Sitwell Tavern in Derby. Tonight we had three great bands, local act, Droid Soup and what a great name for a band by the way! Fury, a band music224 know and love, who made the short trip from Worcester and headliners KaiDekA, who I believe traveled from Cornwall, some 5 hours away.

First up then, we have the hard rock act, Droid Soup. Having opened with two Iron Maiden tracks, ‘Ides of March’ and ‘Wrathechild’, these tracks helped warm the crowd and gave us an indication of their own personal sound. “Never Satisfied” was the first of their own songs, an oldie, but a goody. The track “Affair of Honour” was next, by which point I’d noticed an interesting characteristic with this band, depending on which track was played, determined who was singing! Everyone in the band can and does sing, whether that be backing or lead. Tonight though, only Lee on rhythm guitar and Andy, the bands “official vocalist” sang, but it made for an interesting and diverse viewing experience that I’ve not come across before. As stated, between tracks, these guys have a new album being produced and will be released this year. Three further Droid Soup tracks followed ‘Last Supper’, ‘The Prophecy’ and ‘Dreamscape’, which were all commendable rock tunes. To finish, they chose the classic “Lights out” by UFO and “Forever” by Y&T, clearly both band favorites, confirmed as Lee was sporting a Y&T t-shirt. All said and done, the people in the crowd enjoyed this bands performance, though in my opinion, they were a little static and lacking in emotion at times, but these middle aged rockers are still enjoying what they love, so we cant knock them for that.

Droid Soup

After a short intermission, the mighty Fury took to the floor. There is no stage as such, at The Sitwell Tavern but what it lacks in space, it makes up for in character and personality. Another plus for this venue is the lighting, which, in my opinion is the best I’ve ever photographed in (providing Christmas tree’s are your thing) and better than most large music venues!

It’s been a year since I last saw Fury play live, however these guys haven’t been resting on their laurels, no sir. I can reveal these guys are currently working on their first full length album “The Lightning Dream”, which will consist of around ten tracks and due to be released in 2014. Tonight was a real treat as 2/3rd’s of the set consisted of unheard by the naked ear, new material. Kicking off the set was firm favourite and still a relatively new track ‘Saviour’ which was quickly followed by this bands monster anthem “Warriors Prayer”. From here on in Julian – rhythm guitar/Lead vocals, Jake – Lead guitar/backing vocals, Mart – Bass/backing vocals and Al – Drums treated us to the new stuff! ‘The Storm’, ‘Britannia’, ‘Russell Crowe’ (apparently this song was written after watching the film Master and Commander starring the man himself, therefore this title stuck) and ‘Prince of Darkness’. As this was one of the first times these track had been played live, JJ made his apologies early, in case of any mistakes however, being the professionals they are, I didn’t detect any errors within the set. Trust me when I say, fans of Fury will not be disappointed with the new album! With only one issue tonight, that being a string on Mart’s Bass snapping, thankfully he had a spare Spector to hand and quickly tuned it in to continue the set. Whilst this was going on, JJ treated us to some jokes he’d been learning this past year, well done sir – very entertaining, but you can do better!

Julian Jenkins - Fury

Fury have some cracking gigs coming up this year, including Les-Fest in July, up in wee Scotland, but before that, these guys grace the halls of Hammerfest VI in March and I cant wait to see them play this festival with metalasreligion.com also tipping Fury as one of their bands to look out for at this festival. In their review, they gave each band member one of the best personal bio’s I’ve ever seen for these guys and I’m slightly jealous I didn’t write it! hahaha!

Jake Beesley - Fury

As previously stated, any band and I don’t care what genre, who are willing to travel 5 hours to play a show, are obviously serious about their music. As it goes, KaiDekA, who have released two studio albums on Rising Records and consist of Jamie Gill – drums/vocals, (who also doubled as the sound Engineer tonight, until the official guy arrived) Tom Healan – Bass, Curt Nash – guitars, Dax Partridge – vocals and Lewis Allen also on Guitars are a Nu-Metal/Thrash band and are brutal. After a rousing intro these guys propelled themselves, applying full force, into a blistering set. Dax, seen with a rather cool full length chest tattoo, made good use of the floor space available to him, as did the guitarists. Drummer, Jamie quickly impressed Martin Short tonight, who knows his metal and can be a hard man to please, not really, but it sounded good! At one point both Martin and I were discussing other brutal bands, similar to KaiDekA, that we’d seen, with the guitarist between tracks, which was rather a surreal moment!

Dax Partridge - KaiDekA

As this was my first gig of 2014, I was very pleased with the quality and happy with my decision to attend, so much so that I will tip KaiDekA to make an appearance at Bloodstock this year,  as they deserve to play based upon what I saw, with such great energy and powerful material, they are well worthy of that festival. If this prediction doesn’t materialise, nothing ventured and nothing gained, but be sure, you’ll see these guys again in the coming years live events, that’s for sure!

Tonight’s set consisted of; 1 – 25145400  2 – Pre requisite  3 – Let’s Blame Dahmer  4 – The Vindicators Facade  5 – Shackles Of The flesh  6 – Dim Cave Droan  7. Obsessive


This year I’m going to get as many headliners to complete an encore  as I can, providing they’re good enough on the night (This all started with a gig I was at last year) and I’m happy to say I managed to get KaiDekA to perform ‘Drowning’ as their encore, their only request of us the crowd, was we all get down the front and rock out. I was there camera and all, moshing like a nut case, great set guys, thanks for the memories!


Keep your eyes on The Sitwell Tavern this year, as they have some cracking live shows coming up and have acts on every weekend right up to April already confirmed!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)