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The Flapper Presents

Mr George’s Famous Last Words.

The Flapper Birmingham 20th June 2014. Well, today has certainly been a bit of a sunny one and definitely a fine day for Mr George to hold his birthday bash at The Flapper!

With three great bands supporting tonight, The Broken Rebels took to the stage first, much to the enjoyment of the early evening crowd. There’s definitely a flare for the indie vane in their style but with their other influences reaching further afield aswell, there’s a pretty audible swagger to this bands sound that brushes shoulders with the likes of The Rolling Stones and other British greats, giving their appeal plenty of miles to cover. Scotty Martin did a mighty fine job on vocals tonight and I wholeheartedly recommend checking these guys out first chance you get.

The Broken Rebels

Next up on stage and having made a journey all the way up from London just for tonight, was Jimi Raine and his band. With a debut single on it’s way and most aptly titled ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Band’, Jimi and his crew put their stamp loud and proud on tonight’s event with a hearty serving of super cool electric rock. Their set was an absolute pleasure to hear and in stark contrast to their main full on energetic performance, it came to an end acoustically, with the simply stunning song ‘Stranger’. Go check out Jimi and the band over on their website, you won’t be disappointed!

Jimi Raine

A warm summers night and some cool music courtesy of Abberline made for yet another great addition in tonight’s birthday line up and without doubt, their track ‘Hometowns’ was one of the highlights of the night for me! With guitars that are designed to haunt you, this song is one that I had to track down again later and you can find their video for it over on their Facebook page.

Rob Fitt - Abberline

Mr George and his Famous Last Words are quickly climbing in the popularity stacks but that really doesn’t come as any great surprise as once seen and heard, they are not a band you forget. With a song catalogue that always scores a direct hit in the happy spot and oodles of personality and stage charisma that reels you in at each and every performance, Mr George’s Famous Last Words are a band worth traveling the miles to see.

George Langman - Mr George's Famous Last Words

Tonight’s set was constructed to be something even more special than their norm as with only three support bands in this evenings line up, the band had an extra long set planned which not only included all the must have MGFLW songs such as ‘Shake It Up’ and the truly priceless track ‘We Are Gold’ but also include a few covers aswell that time doesn’t always permit them to do.

Jamie Rushton - Mr George's Famous Last Words

Well, Mr George’s birthday gig was well and truly celebrated by the end of the night and for those that missed it, I really can’t recommend strongly enough that you get yourself along to one of their gigs the first opportunity you get!

Bruce Higgs - Mr George's Famous Last Words

Big thanks also going out to Adam Lavender and The Flapper for putting tonight’s gig on, great night all round!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.