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Iron Knights

The Iron Knights 23rd February 2014

With Support From Spiral Dive.

The Victoria Inn Derby 23rd February 2014.

Tonight’s gig was at the Old Vic in Derby, a venue that hosts live music every day of the week, in one form or another. Against my better judgment, I went along to watch Iron Knights, a band I know fairly well and enjoy. I first came into contact with this band at Hammerfest in 2013, where we had a rather funny interview. Support came from Spiral Dive, who I’ve also met on my travels when I saw this lot, for the first time at Rock & Metal Circus, last September.

Spiral Dive made the long trip up from Northampton for tonight’s gig, which was a Sunday, so all credit to them for that. They managed to get set up promptly which meant I could appreciate a full set, unlike at Metal Circus as on that occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances, their set was cut short, which was a real shame, as tonight’s set was a blinder. Its safe to say my first impression was incorrect and these guys are a real rock and roll band, with a twang of southern flavour, which is a sound that’s still popular. You can clearly see these guys love being on stage, even if they do hide behind an assortment of hats! Like one of their tracks, ‘Rock Starving’, which is about a band that works all week, but cant wait to get out there and play a show, the lyrics and theme rings true with these and most of the other bands I’ve come into contact with recently.

Spiral Dive.

Spiral Dive’s track, with the lyrics “Jump Mother Fucker Jump” was a personal highlight tonight, a great track that is very catchy and helps to demonstrate Tony’s ability as lead guitarist, who is very good! Job well done, I also like the track “Grinder”,  some of the bands music can be found on their Reverb Nation page, well worth a butchers.

Spiral Dive

Tonights set list:  1. Voodoo  2. Hooks in Me  3. Traitors Gate  4. Frozen  5. Grinder  6. Rock starving  7. Jump mother fu**er Jump  8. After Tomorrow

It seems much has been happening within the Iron Knights Band, in that they have lost three old members and gained two new ones. Still on drums we have Larry “The Animal” Paterson, still on bass, we have Paul “Beam” Robbie with new comer Jamie Gibson on vocals and guitar, who’s played in various bands in the past. When Jamie moved to the Knights, he bought with him big-a-me band mate, Wayne Mann,  who is also on guitar. More was said in our interview from tonight, which you can find here ………….. so I’ll give my account of tonight’s gig, which was the third night of their eight show tour.

Paul 'Beam' Robbie - Iron Knights

Billed in a local rag as Iron Nights, I can confirm, there was plenty of metal featuring tonight with Paul kicking off the set with an eery bass solo, that helped set the mood. Larry’s drumming ability really sticks out, the man really is an animal on those skins of his, when his head goes down, there’s no messing!

Larry Paterson - Iron Knights

Tonight’s set featured mostly stuff off the new album, due for release on the 5th of May, which was a joy to hear. Its dark, heavy and full of riffs, thanks to Jamie’s 6 or 7 sting axe of choice. In my interview, I discovered that touring is a fairly new experience for the new members in the band and it did show, a little. Wayne especially, who seemed a little rigid and not very well versed in the art of giving a live performance. Playing your instrument well is one thing, but a little showmanship doesn’t hurt, I’m not saying give us a twerk, but smile for the camera once, at least!?! I’m sure both Jamie and Wayne will get some great advice from veteran rockers Larry and Paul as they continue on their journey together and I look forward to the release of the new album, as the stuff I heard tonight was awesome.

Iron Knights

I will say this, although the band as they are now, have mostly been working on the new album, the old tracks they did play tonight, they played very well and it seems Jamie “The Punisher” Gibson is the perfect replacement vocalist for the Iron Knights.

Jamie Gibson - Iron Knights

Its always a pleasure meeting up with good people, who are like minded and these guys are as good as they get. Let’s not forget Anna Di Laurenzio, the bands manager, again as its always a pleasure to speak to you too.

Tonights Set List:  1. Transparent  2. Destroyer  3. Falling From Grace  4. Jacobs Ladder  5. Bloodstorm  6. A Chapters Lesion  7. Cry For Help  8. The Messenger  9. Blind  10. Snaggle Tooth  11. Jericho

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)