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Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 28th February 2019.

Wolverhampton’s Metal To The Masses is BACK! and tonight see’s four bands taking part in Heat 1 and all hoping that the road to Bloodstock has their name on it!

Our first band of the night were Eyes Of The Raven and bearing in mind that their performance would set the measure for those yet to follow, not one single nerve was showing from any one of these five outstanding musicians. Eyes Of The Raven always keep their music and performance real, with song and lyrics that the audience can relate to and tonight’s set saw their wonderful connection with the audience in full flow. For me, the highlight of their set was the track ‘Crown Of Serpents‘ which in my book delivers pure addiction – so be sure to check out the video for this track over on YouTube.

Next up were In Fury and I have to say that this band deliver one hell of a great brooding bevy of aggression and attitude, which rapidly insighted an adrenaline flow from start to finish. Lead singer Stacey has an incredibly powerful voice and persona to match and it came as no suprise that by the end of their set, the draw to be off stage and amongst the audience took full control of her. A great set from the band tonight and one that was clearly enjoyed by many.

With Heat 1 flowing like clockwork, our penultimate band of the night Phantom State were ready, willing and more than able to bring their metal to the masses. In contrast to previous performances, Phantom State seemed more reserved on stage but this in no way masked the mood of the set, as the force their music possessed most definitely delivered the goods! Seeing an up and coming band such as Phantom State is always a pleasure, especially when they also leave you with the impression that more great things are still yet to come, as this band did.

With the time upon us for our final band of the night to take to the stage, the energy and enthusiasm in the room was still riding high and Militia Inc. took full advantage of the audiences mood with a set that was loaded with intensity, conviction and downright ball breaking hard rock/metal. As I reflect on their performance tonight, the stand out quality about it was that they made every second on stage count with their vitality and enthusiasm being served up by the bucket load. A great end to the night and that easily created a lasting impression.

With the votes of the audience and judges being collected in and counted, we all held our breathe in anticipation of the outcome and huge congratulations go out to Eyes Of The Raven and Militia Inc. who will now go through to the semi-final heats. The up and coming music scene in this area has a wealth of talent within it and tonight, we got to see four very fine examples of bands all proving that this is going to be one hell of a great experience for those yet to take part!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.