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Headline Maniac

Self-titled album release 8th July 2016.

Headline Maniac are releasing their debut, self-titled album Headline Maniac. The Essex power trio from Eddie & The Hot Rods have started their own project and it rocks. If you ever wanted to know what punk and classic rock sounds like when thrown together, then check these guys out! With shredding vocals plus thundering bass lines from Ian ‘Dipster’ Dean, ear shredding guitar from Chris Taylor and pounding drum beats from Simon Bowley, this is defiantly worth a listen. The three band members have had different musical influences which range from Thin Lizzy to the classic rock style to DR Feelgood (who were more RNB) and Headline Maniac have used these influences to make a fresh crisp new sound.


The album starts off as it means to go on – heavy and exciting, with lots going on in all sections. It has the heavy guitars of rock along with the thrashing sounds of symbols which you expect to hear in a punk song. This also has a smooth guitar solo in it which makes you want to air guitar around the house.

Each song has it’s own unique style about it like ‘I’m Bad (Rotten To The Core)’ has the heavy lead bass line throughout the song with more heavy and fast paced drum beats. This album also includes songs like ‘Hero’ which is a little slower but is very catchy and reminds you of 90s bands like Nirvana.

But to sum things up, all I can say this album is rock and punk at its best and is worth adding to your record collections.

Release date is 8th July, so make sure to grab yourself a copy first chance you get and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

For more information visit headlinemaniac.

Review by Matthew York.