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With support from Beast In Black and Wind Rose at The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 23re October 2019.

Having enjoyed myself more than I ever thought I would the last time I saw Gloryhammer, I jumped at the chance of seeing them again on their latest 10 date UK and Ireland ‘Intergalactic Terrortour’ and with them, they brought some friends along!

Having arrived at the Rescue Rooms early, it enabled me to revel in the atmosphere alongside many eager fans, who were all in high spirits and eagerly awaiting the Rescue Rooms doors to open. I heard many times sporadic outbursts of the word ‘Hoots’ which at first I had no idea what it meant but apparently, the Nottingham branch of Gloryhammer fans are the Robin Hood Hoots and it’s an affectionate way for the band to address their loyal subjects!

As the tour artwork depicts a Unicorn raised on hind legs, whilst shooting lasers from it’s eyes, it was only fitting one punter was offering everyone standing in line a sticker, depicting a mythical creature of some description, namely pink unicorns! Like I say, spirits were high and it was a great atmosphere to be a part of!

Like many other shows on this tour, tonight was sold out! OK, I get that not everyone likes Inter-dimensional space metal or any other fantasy based metal for that matter, but then there are many who do, which tonight and this tour proves.

First up were Wind Rose from Italy, or is it some other far away mystical fantasy land, that they’ve discovered!? As you can probably guess, these guys play power/folk metal, and definitely take their stage roles seriously, as all were dressed up like extras from Lord of the Rings. Francesco, the bands lead singer is an absolute unit of a man, so when dressed as a Dwarf (or was it a Viking warrior), you can only imagine how intimidating he actually is! I enjoyed being a part of their set and witnessing their madness. It was certainly more entertaining than my average Wednesday evening!

Beast In Black next then and wow, what an absolute pleasure it was to see these guys perform, as right from the off I could tell this band were going to be a lot of fun! They played up to the cameras perfectly, which made my life a lot easier although to the point even I started to feel embarrassed as they were spending more time acknowledging the photographers than their fans! I usually only ever shoot the first three songs out of respect of both the band and their fans as there’s nothing worse than a tog blocking your view. As the band were so receptive, I managed to get done in two songs, so I sat to the side to enjoy the show. Talking of fans before these guys took to the stage, I got speaking with a young lady called Natalie, who’s a self confessed mega fan of the band. So much so, she admitted to forking out an obscene amount of cash, to follow the band around the whole of the UK leg of this tour and attending every show! When asked why, her reply was ‘fuck it, I love um!’ Sometimes I just wish I could have that mindset as you only get one life!

The band formed back in 2015 and have released two albums to date. If I was to liken them to anyone, I’d have to say they reminded me of Manowar, who are very much a hot topic at the moment, what with tribute acts like Womanofwar, proving so popular! They originate from Finland, but their lead singer, Yannis, is from Greece. Anton Kabanen, one of the bands guitarists is former Battle Beast supremo and probably the mastermind behind the formation of this band – turns out Anton is an Anime and Manga fan, hence the band name.

Although cheesy as hell, as one of my colleagues described this band, I thoroughly enjoyed Beast In Black from start to finish. I hope to god they get the call to play Bloodstock in 2020, along side tonight’s headliners, Gloryhammer, who’ve already been announced to play at B.O.A, next year. 2020 is going to be the festivals 20th anniversary event, so we’re expecting big things from now until then!

Gloryhole….I mean Gloryhammer are a very colourful and charismatic bunch, who clearly don’t take life too seriously and have made a living out of enjoying themselves. I recall the last time I saw these guys at Hammerfest 2014, when the bands bassist ‘The Hootsman, Astral Demigod of Unst’ was completely the worse for beer by the end of their set. It’s refreshing to see nothing had changed as his beers were still lined up in front of him and as he moved around, he drank everyone else’s beer aswell.

I’m aware some metal fans hate this genre of metal and see there’s no place for comedy within the genre. In my opinion, there isn’t enough of this kind of entertainment featured at British summer festivals as it’s 45-90mins of escapism, fun and humour and that’s something I’m all for these days. Life’s too short, as life keeps reminding me of these days! Get over it, enjoy the time you have on this earth!

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other!

To see more photographs from the night, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr.

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)