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The O2 Academy3 Birmingham 19th July 2014.

I simply can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s launch of the new EP from Glassbullet ‘Black Eyes’. With each and every performance that I’ve seen from this young up and coming band, they have continually set their own standards high and with such a wealth of talented ability as both a band and also as individuals, they have always exceeded my expectations every single time.

Tonight’s line up was built to rock and with My Great Affliction being chosen to open up this event – I rest my case in proving that very intent. Ste Gough, Craig Horobin and Daz Wright are a powerhouse in action and breezed their way through tonight’s set which included a rich profusion of songs that included ‘Good Times’, ‘Sick and Tired’ and their signature anthem ‘Narcissus’. Last song of the set was a cover of the Motorhead great ‘Ace Of Spades’ which to me, really brought home the greatness of Ste Gough’s voice.

Ste Gough and Daz Wright - My Great Affliction

You know how you sometimes get that feeling that you’ve seen a band before, when you know for a fact that you haven’t – well, that was the very feeling I had whilst watching The Bad Flowers. Many moons ago I saw this show stopping band called Greenwood Park and here they were again in front of me but in a new reincarnation! Their set this evening certainly held on to all those former qualities, but from the very first song of the set, their renewed energy on stage, especially that of Karl Selickis on drums, proved their move forward has given them to a new dimension for sure.

Tom Leighton - The Bad Flowers

Another up and coming band that have laid siege upon the region and beyond, are the West Midlands based band, Piston. Talent, hard work and never taking their foot off the pedal has moved a few mountains for these guys and their professionalism shone throughout the entirety of tonight’s set, as did the strong connection between the band and their audience. With the sold out Hard Rock Hell Festival already confirmed in their diary for November, Piston are a band to definitely keep on your radar.

Steve Nunn - Piston

With many months in its writing, planning and recording, Glassbullet have remained solidly focused on the production of a fine and outstanding EP that they can undoubtedly be proud of. In the build up prior to its launch tonight, ‘Black Eyes’ and Glassbullet have come to the attention of many, including the great K.K. Downing. In his recent review of the EP, he gave it and them, the big thumbs up which in my mind is just the kind of recognition and encouragement that this great young band deserve.

Ben Evans - Glassbullet

The EP itself is a four track wonder and seeing it played out tonight, amongst many of their other songs, served further to demonstrate many of its great strengths. The vibrant guitar solo’s of Ben Evans, the rich and bold bass lines of Tom Bushell, along with the thunderous attack of Alex Caldicott on drums and the premium vocals of Lewis Ward were very much in evidence throughout the entire set as these guys gave the O2 Academy3 one hell of a great show!

Lewis Ward - Glassbullet

When it comes down to the most important review of them all, that has to be that of the audience and even after the last note had faded and the band had left the stage, the audience remained firmly planted in front of the stage shouting for more.

2014 is far from over these guys, albeit tonight must have been the kind of high for them that takes some beating, but I kinda get the feeling that that high will only spur them on more, and I’m sure that many great things await upon the horizon!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.