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‘The Great Reclamation’ EP, Release Date Summer 2017

To get my hands on this EP, I probably kicked up more of a fuss than I usually would, but that’s only because I, along with many others have been anticipating the release of this EP for sometime now. I knew at Beermageddon last year, that this EP was on the cards, it was also mentioned then that legendary producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) would be taking the reins to produce it. These two prospects are enough to get anyone excited, me more so than most!


To bring this EP to fruition, the band embarked on a pledge campaign, unquestionably, they smashed their initial target within two hours, which is incredible really. That campaign is still ongoing (but be quick), if you want to get involved and feel a part of making something truly unique happen and in return, you will get something equally epic, in return. Follow this link and head on over to the bands Pledge page.

It’s worth visiting the above link, if only for the literature that accompanies this EP and the pledge, for instance, check out the paragraph labelled ‘Concept’ that’s some deep stuff right there! It also helps you to understand where the bands heads were at when they penned the lyrics for the songs associated with this EP.

As this is an EP, it only consists of five songs, which is short but very tasty, non the less! I can only assume this is a taster of what we can expect in the future – a new album perhaps, certainly a new direction, maybe even working along side Mr. Russ Russell again? Yes, this EP was both recorded and produced by the man himself, at his Parlour Recording Studios.

After speaking with Topher recently, I’m aware of his love of classical music, believe it or not. Let’s face it, the likes of Mozart and Bach paved the way for all music and it’s structure, so if you’re ever going to master music, understanding the instruments and the arrangements they used, would serve you well in any musical genre? I’m probably chatting shit but I can definitely hear classical elements throughout these tracks, I also know both Topher and Scott, within the band produced the instruments that we can hear on this EP. Personally, I’d LOVE to see real musicians play along side the band, if/when they play these tracks live. I’ll accept a backing track, but it would be way cooler to have the instruments accompany the band on stage!

We don’t have to wait too long, to see Gehtika as they are soon to embark on their “The Great Rotten Tour”. The first date on it, has just had a venue change and will now take place at The Cotswold Inn, in Cheltenham on 06.05.17. A further fifteen dates across the UK soon follow, there after. Check out the bands Website and Facebook page for full details.

I’m not going to patronise the band by using a hundred metal puns to describe this new EP, many have already done that, way better than me. I’m also not intelligent enough to pick out what the band are actually playing, but what I will tell you is that this EP further strengthens the band and their musical progression, which is clearly evident from their previous releases. Anyone who knows anything about music, would probably tell you, these guys are extremely accomplished musicians who opt for creating music that is very technical in their chosen genre of blackened death metal. Whilst they maintain their core sound, mostly thanks to the blistering death growls, from the bands lead vocalist Anthony, the inclusion of these emotive orchestral compositions, sees Gehtika entering into new realms alongside powerful bands like ‘Fleshgod Apocalypse’, who we love!

In my opinion, no one says it better than the band themselves… so I quote “Delivering our most comprehensive release to date, The Great Reclamation offers everything from blistering, raging pace & brutality to epic & emotive orchestral compositions, all of which take you on a journey through our dark cautionary tale.”

EP Track listing is as follow;

1.Existence or Oblivion 2.Beneath the Catacombs 3.The Great Reclamation 4.The Human Divergence 5.Yggdrasil

Stand out tracks for me on this EP, has to be the title track ‘The Great Reclamation’ as well as Yggdrasil, simply for it’s powerful combination of orchestral metal, as they’ve managed consummate its marriage, perfectly. In other words, they’ve nailed it! The title of this track puzzled me, so naturally, I googled the word and low and behold, it actually means something, interesting. From Old Norse Yggdrasill, (pronounced yg drasil) is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. Old Norse was a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements during about the 9th to 13th centuries.

Gehtika - The Great Reclamation

Although the band have embarked on a Pledge campaign for this EP, they have in fact already paid for it to be produced themselves, which is bloody hard work for any band these days. Knowing the band, relatively well, I know they love their fans, so this was more of a way of offering that little bit extra, rather than just “Here, have a CD” I kinda wished I’d gone for a dinner date, personally, or even the photo shoot, who I can only assume Topher will be conducting, as I know he’s an accomplished photographer as well as a guitar god – is there no end to this bands talents?

Gehtika are one of those bands you have to see live as they are born performers, who deliver an outstanding live show and have done so, every time I’ve seen them. As they grow, so does their stage show, so I can only assume that the creation of the tracks on this new EP, will soon be incorporated into the bands live set and if they can include the orchestral elements within it, this would only strengthen their live performance even further.

Gehtika are a five-piece blackened death metal band from the West Midlands and consists of five ‘spiffing’ top blokes.

Anthony Knight – Vocals
Scott Allen – Guitar
Topher O’Meagher – Guitar
Simon Timms – Bass
Marc Lord – Drums

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 29th October 2016.

If you’re going to celebrate Halloween in style, then it pays to metal up and with Gehtika, Eradikator, The Face Of Ruin, Obzidian and Djinova all set to blast away a few cobwebs and ghouls tonight, the only spirits likely to be left standing will be the alcoholic ones!

And getting tonight off to a flying start amidst a hailstorm of Death Metal were the Coventry based band Djinova. To describe the experience of this band as brutal just doesn’t cut it as these guys go way beyond that, with the bite in the vocals of Tony Overton showing no mercy at all. If you’ve not seen or heard these guys play live before, then believe me when I say they are well worth checking out.


Lots of good things have been happening to Obzidian recently and tonight’s set from the band can most definitely be added to that list aswell, as not a moment was wasted in their delivery of tracks both well known and new. With the forthcoming release of their new album due out on the 28th November, it was a bit of a treat to hear a couple of tracks in advance of that, with the official single ‘Sins Here Are Purified’ being an excellent example of what is about to be unveiled. But if you can’t wait until the end of the month to take a listen to this awesome track for yourself, then you can check out the video for it over on the bands Facebook page now!


You can’t pass up Halloween without a spot of fancy dress and tonight we were besieged with the presence of many great demons, witches, zombies and the odd Beetlejuice or two. But even amidst all those scary characters, it was the figures of Alex Mumford and The Face Of Ruin with their visual homage to Linda Blair and The Exorcist that made the night for me, as never in a million years did I expect that! Thankfully, Alex spared us from the 360 degree head rotation and also the projectile vomit – which was a great relief to me from my position in the pit but what we got instead was one hell of a great melodic death metal set that won’t be forgotten for a long time to come!


Our penultimate band of the evening came in the guise of Eradikator and in capturing the spirit of the event, these guys gave the O2 Academy3 quite a performance tonight. With members of Gehtika and The Face Of Ruin taking to the stage aswell, Eradikator’s adrenaline fuelled thrash flowed freely with Pat Cox absolutely owning the stage tonight. Next up for the band is a slot at The Midlands Metal Crusade VI on the 26th November which will definitely be one not to miss!


When it comes down to picking a Halloween headliner then Gehtika have got to be a dam near perfect choice as these guys are true masters at what they do. Tonight’s set from the band saw them grabbing Halloween by the horns and serving up a blistering death metal set that was as addictive to listen to as their performance was to watch.


The one thing I really love about this band is the theatrical manner in which they deliver their sets and tonight’s gentlemanly shenanigans sat blissfully well with the audience and other band members alike.


Sadly, my enjoyment of their set had to be cut short tonight but not before catching them play their anthemic track ’A Monster In Mourning’ which for me, was the highlight of the night.

Tonight’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve was certainly done in style, with all five bands putting on quite a show that most definitely hit the spot!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.


Stoke Prior Sports and Social Club Friday 19th August 2016.

As summers go, I’ve had a pretty shit one to be honest and with other festivals done and dusted, Beermageddon is the one summer festival that we here at music224 always look forward to with open arms. And long may that continue as we plan on attending every year that this festival is on – providing they want us! Read on to discover why we think this festival is a must in your summer calendar for 2017!

Jim Beerman

Many people arrive on the Thursday now, set up camp and make a holiday of it and why not! Thankfully, the weather is usually pretty good at the end of August, so camping isn’t usually an issue. The on-site facilities at Bromsgrove’s Stoke Prior Sports and Social Club are improving every year but for those who seek plusher accommodation, there are plenty of affordable rooms at hotels close to the venue. I’ve only ever camped at Beermageddon once in the five years that it’s been held and this is something I need to rectify because I miss out on so much of the fun that goes on over the weekend – I’m just shit building a tent! Haha!

Friday is fun day and personally, my favourite day of the weekend as it’s the day everyone makes an effort to dress up. This years theme was Vikings, obviously! As the contestants lined up to be judged, by us the crowd, each was eliminated when Jim asked us to shout the loudest for our favourite costume. I’m aware Clare and Wolfie’s daughter took part this year, this being her first year at Beermageddon but sadly she didn’t win although she came a respectable second. The winner, however, was a deserved winner and the same person that also won the event last year. For his efforts, he won a pair of ticket for next years event (AGAIN), to which Jim asked him, ‘Are you ever going to buy a ticket to Beermageddon?’. Sadly I don’t know the young mans name, but it was a great costume!

At 6pm sharp, Prolapse AD took to the stage to officially open the festival. First though, a rousing speech was delivered from the Master of Ceremonies himself, Mr Jim Beerman, the festival’s organiser and adjudicator. Jim’s even an ordained minister, which is technically a Pagan Priest and he has successfully conducted a wedding, every year on the Sunday, since the festival began five years ago!

Matthew White - Prolapse AD

As you’d expect, the first band on had to make an impression and I think we can safely say Prolapse AD did just that, as the people that I spoke to over the weekend absolutely loved these guys! Primarily thrash, they remind me of Slayer but with a lot more energy and personality! The bands front man, Alex Lewis was a very charismatic and energetic young man, trying to capture him, on camera was hard work but the crowd loved it. These guys were the perfect openers, they even got the crowd moving, with the best mosher winning a t-shirt!

Having never seen The Dead XIII before, nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. The band are from Manchester and I could easily compare these guys to The Defiled in both their appearance and their style of music. The lead singer however, is totally unique and a complete inspiration in my book as I’ve never seen a front man with only one arm, play in a band and stand in-front of the crowd completely comfortable with their appearance as an amputee, and it certainly didn’t prevent him from belting out those songs! Kurt Blackshard, we salute you, you sir are an inspiration, respect!

The Dead XIII

Boy, it’s the half way mark for the bands tonight, so that can only mean one thing, Beerma-Bingo! Last year, the Boat Race was a highlight and a lot of fun so I was looking forward to this! If you can imagine getting 600 people around your house for a party, this is what you get at Beermageddon with everyone having a great time, drinking, laughing, yet someone else clears up the mess! So the rules of this game were simple – those participating had to split into two groups and each person was given a ball with a number on it. When your number got called out, you had to rush to the front and down a glass of mead and the first group to get all their players numbers called out and having downed a glass, won, only it’s never that simple with the Beermageddon lot, which just adds to the fun. Lets just say, a lot of people lost their balls!


Garganjua took to the stage soon after the party games were over and it’s safe to say that people were in high spirits for these guys – well, they were full of mead! Having successfully gone through the MTTM’s final over at Leicester’s successful event ‘Uprising’, this meant the band would play at Bloodstocks, New Blood Stage, which I heard went down very well and having missed them there, I was keen to see how they faired here. Since that gig in Leicester when I last saw them, Garganjua have played many other shows up and down the country and already I could see a vast improvement with the bands ability to play alongside each other. They appeared to be a lot more comfortable on stage, performing with each other and this really showed in tonight’s performance, as they were amazing! However, they don’t like their pictures being taken when they perform, which makes promoting them from a visual perspective very difficult. They opt for all blue lighting and lots of smoke, which sucks for me but I’ve hopefully said enough here to make you want to go see these guys live for yourself, as their music really does do all the talking. By the end of their set, they had the crowd in fits of hysteria, cheering, shouting, clapping, chanting and above all, wanting more. I’m going to predict these guys will be back at Beermageddon in 2017, for more of Doom’s finest!

Scott Taylor - Garganhua

Having played at Beermageddon last year, Gehtika won the right to come back this year and headline the prestigious Friday night, which is a great honour not only for them but also for the Beermageddon masses, as they are one of the best live acts on the circuit today! As this was a headline set, the band got to perform for a whopping 70mins, which enabled them to play tracks that they wouldn’t normally get time to play. This also enabled them to make their show, a show to remember. To help them achieve this, they enrolled the services of Haerken, who played a brilliant part in making this show a show that people will speak of, for a long time to come – lets just say the confetti cannons helped it all go off with a bang! Every member of the band is a born performer, who love every minute they are on that stage, entreating the crowd they so love. They can also get said crowd to do anything they want, within reason. I can safely say, tonight’s set had me smiling from ear to ear throughout. The band even stayed and camped the whole weekend, allowing fans the opportunity to talk to, drink with and take selfies with them over the course of the weekend.


I’m also aware that the band all signed one of Marc’s drum cymbals for a young fan, I only know this, because I photobombed the picture they took with the fan, when they presented them with it… sorry buddy! Respect guys!

Roll on Saturday!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)