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While She Sleeps

Rescue Rooms Nottingham 10.05.17

Don’t you just hate it when the venue website says doors open at 18.30, but when you get there it’s actually 19.30, so rushing to get there on time was a complete waste of energy, yeah me too! Still, it gave me an opportunity to hang with some seriously die hard While She Sleeps (WSS) fans, who’d been queuing since 14.30 today – now that’s commitment! As they’d been here all day, they were rewarded with getting to meet their idols and also got the opportunity to take photos and talk with all the members in While She Sleeps!

Lawrence Taylor

Supporting WSS first tonight, we have a band who go by the name of ‘Fizzy Blood’ who, I’ve only just discovered, having received an email from the band earlier in the week, are promoting their new single Pawn’ which has managed to get airplay on Radio 1. 

After hearing their set tonight, I was suitably impressed with their hard hitting, rock sound, similar to the Indie rock days of the 90’s and it’s safe to say, these guys brought it, well, you’d have to when your primary audience are all WSS fans. Getting on this tour must be great for these guys, getting seen by hundreds of new fans at each and every date on this tour, which has been sold out, most nights. People suggested these guys weren’t heavy enough to support WSS’s, but I thought they held their own and warmed us up well enough, to appreciate the insanity that was about to ensue.

Benji Inkley - Fizzy Blood

These guys are getting some major support, across the media world, so they must have something special about them (or deep pockets). The bands new album ‘Feast’ is out now, via DMF records, check it out. You’ll also get the opportunity to see these guys play Download, alongside many other festival dates, over the summer.

Australian band ‘In Hearts Wake’ up next and if Fizzy Blood failed to get anyone in the crowd going tonight, these guys sure as hell didn’t! Personally, I’m not a massive screamcore fan, but tonight I was one of the converted. I find every track sounds the same but the one thing that goes in this genres favour is the bass drop, I love it, it penetrates your very existence and these guys do it well! So much energy, so much anger but a lot of fun. They even managed to get an inflatable crocodile into the crowd, so that lead singer Jake could go crowd surfing!

Jake Taylor - In Hearts Wake

There’s no disputing that this genre and the bands within it, are defining a generation along with the young men and woman, who follow and support them.

In Hearts Wake’s latest album ‘Ark’, will be released on May 26th and is a great example of Screamcore, done well.

It’s great to see so much support for While She Sleeps on this tour, which coincides with the release of their latest album ‘You Are We’ which was successfully backed, via their pledge campaign, as the lads from Sheffield have decided to release it independently, having grown weary of record labels and the music industry, as a whole.

Also available on that same pledge, is some of the coolest stuff we’ve ever seen, such as visiting Mat & Sav in a private tattoo studio and getting a YOU ARE WE tattoo done by them. This will set you back £100 but it’s a pretty unique opportunity for any die hard fan and I met a few of them earlier today, so I know they exist. The winning pledge offer though, has to be for the guitar string ring, which uses the actual strings used to produce the new album which looks stunning – what a piece of merchandise to own. With quality like this, there is a price tag associated with it but for a true fan, £159+shipping is a small price to pay, right?

Aaron Mckenzie - While She Sleeps

It’s worth mentioning, these guys are now totally independent from any record label funding, so any money they make helps to keep them alive. I spoke with a fan, outside, before WSS’s set and asked why he thinks these guys are getting so much support and what it is the band have done or do, that commands such a loyal fan base? His response what comprehensive and justified, he stated that the band, as a whole are really down to earth guys, who ain’t pretentious douche bags and who have time for their fans. They are also very hard working, have been persistent when things haven’t gone their way, but above all, they don’t give a f**k when they’re on stage, they are there to entertain the crowd and give them a good time.

While She Sleeps

Tonight was insane, as soon as the band took to the stage, Rescue Rooms quite literally erupted into life. With an average song length of 4 minutes, the three tracks we were allocated soon went, so we had to be quick to capture our images, along with avoiding the most amount of people that I’ve ever seen, going over into the pit, crowd surfing. Props going out to the security guys at Rescue Rooms tonight who did their job well and were respectful to the fans, unlike some I’ve seen in the past. As soon as our three songs were up we were ordered out, probably for the best, as I’m sure the chaos was only going to get worse as the set went on. Tonight’s set list, was only thirteen songs but I bet it flew by. I wouldn’t know though, as I wasn’t allowed to stay until the end but what I did see was pure mayhem AND I LOVED IT! It reminded me I was alive and life is about living! Can’t wait to see these guys again, brilliant!

Set list consisted of:

1.You Are We 2.Civil Isolation 3.Seven Hills 4.Brainwashed 5.Empire of Silence 6.New World Torture 7.Wide Awake 8.Our Legacy 9.Feel 10.This Is the Six 11.Silence Speaks 12.Four Walls 13.Hurricane.

The album ‘We Are You‘ is available to buy at While She Sleeps.

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Fizzy Blood

Release new single ‘Pawn’ streaming NOW!

Hot on the tail of their support on While She Sleeps UK tour, Leeds quintet FIZZY BLOOD have unveiled a new video for current single PAWN. Taking inspiration from 80s instructional tapes, the video pokes fun at the world of manufactured boy bands and features equal measures of fuzz, oddball behaviour and unhinged energy.

The video for ‘Pawn’ shot on VHS and was made to emulate the style of those horrible 80’s PSA videos. I like the way that kind of corny, un-self-aware, salesmen like attitude parodies the attitudes within the mainstream music industry even today and hopefully that comes across when people watch it. It was shot within a day in an art studio in Leeds and a lot of our mates came down, dressed up and got involved in the making of the video so we had a lot of fun making it.” – Paul Howells, Guitars.


Photography by Thomas Jackson.

PAWN has seen spins from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, and was recently featured as track of the week on Kerrang! Radio.

Explosive and guttural, FIZZY BLOOD are aptly named and causing a stir. Releasing their colossal debut EP FEAST in 2015, widespread praise for the record fuelled a formidable live run, highlights including shows alongside Allusondrugs, The Virginmarys, Max Raptor and The Dead Kennedys.

2017 is shaping up to be FIZZY BLOOD’s biggest year yet. The band made their second appearance at SXSW, which was followed by the afore mentioned 19-date run with While She Sleeps. FIZZY BLOOD will kick off a hefty festival schedule, which will include The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Camden Rocks, Download, 2000 Trees and Tramlines – with more to be announced soon.

FIZZY BLOOD are putting the final touches on their next release which is due later this year on Killing Moon & Alya Records, further details to be announced soon.

With a fuller throttled sound and more determination than ever, FIZZY BLOOD are scaling new heights and set to make one hell of a dent on the UK music scene.

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