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Fires That Divide

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ – EP Release Date 1.9.16.

In only a very short space in time, the West Midlands based band Fires That Divide have established themselves as being an up and coming band to look out for, and their new EP ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is definitely another step up that ladder to success.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the EP’s title and I’m guessing there’s a story to be told there but as for the songs themselves, well very little explanation is needed as they all speak the language of rock fluently!

John Lee, Bullet & Love - Fires That Divide

The EP consists of four songs with ‘Coherence’ making for a very impressive opening track. This track blasts itself forwards along the smouldering edge of heaviness and wraps itself beautifully around the soaring riffs and melodic harmonies that characterize Fires That Divide’s signature sound and sets out high expectations for the next three tracks that are to follow.

I have to say that as good as ‘Coherence’ is, it was the second track on the EP ‘Mr Philosophy’ that took this EP to another level for me. Here we have a song that casts its own net into the blazing guitar riffs and rhythms reminiscent of bands such as Velvet Revolver and Audioslave and when combined with some of the best vocals that I’ve ever heard from Kirk Shuttleworth, the whole experience made for my favourite track on the EP.

The remaining two tracks deliver an interesting contrast in regards to each other as the third song of the EP ‘Vector Man‘ starts by creating the illusion of a light and beautiful lament whilst the fourth and final track which is entitled ‘Mary Scotch’, carries a little darkness in its soul but having said that, there is no mistaking that as both of these tracks independently grow, they both consistently capture that hard rocking feel which Fires That Divide own.

Having seen and enjoyed watching Fires That Divide play live on several occasions, I hadn’t expected to learn as much about their sound and where their future vision lies as I did through listening to ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’, so it’s fair to say that this EP certainly delivered the ‘WOW’ factor for me and I can‘t wait to hear what comes next!

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is available to purchase now through itunes or amazon and I would highly recommend checking it out.

Track Listing is as follows: 1. Coherence 2. Mr Philosophy 3. Vector Man 4. Mary Scotch

Review by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 21st November 2015.

Tonight’s line up at the O2 Academy3, see’s Guts For Glory, Fires That Divide, Pelugion, Free Sun Rising and Southfall, all set to bring some pretty impressive rock to Birmingham and I was anticipating that there would be quite a few people there to see and hear it!

Our first band of the evening were Southfall and one of the many things I really enjoy about Hils Ovations gigs, is that it gives me (and many others), the chance to see up and coming bands that I may not have seen before – and Southfall are one of three bands tonight, that fit into that very same remit. Their set tonight was a mix of covers and also their own original material, with Matt Clewley on vocals making for quite a charismatic front man, who quickly made that connection with the audience. I could quite easily see Southfall growing from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing what the rest of this year and 2016, brings along for this band.

Matt Clewley - Southfall

Free Sun Rising were new band number two for me tonight, and I have to say I really enjoyed their set aswell. This band certainly do rock and with a deep fundamental groove running through their songs, they definitely played a few toe tappers tonight. Cory Mangan on drums stole their set for me tonight as even though he was invisible up on stage for most of the time, courtesy of one over active smoke machine, I could undoubtedly feel the power of his drumming. Check out Free Sun Rising’s Facebook page and take a listen to ’Light Of Day’ to catch a great example of this for yourself.

Gavin Leach - Free Sun Rising

The third new band of the evening for me were Pelugion, who hail from the Coventry area and three was most definitely a magic number here as from what I saw and heard tonight, Brandon Balou, Andy Sweeney and John Pittaway delivered nothing short of 110% up there on the stage! Pelugion’s set this evening brought with it an intensely hard punch of rock and adrenaline, which spiraled out across the o2 Academy3’s audience and I’m sure that they will have picked up a fair few new fans as a result of it. Keep your eye’s peeled for any Pelugion gigs that are happening near you cause believe me, you really do need to see these guys live!

Andy Sweeney - Pelugion

Our penultimate band for this evening were Fires That Divide and on the many occasions that I’ve seen this band live, they always deliver one very proficient set and tonight they gave us all exactly that same experience again. It was also great to hear some new material from the band in their set and I can’t wait to hear the new single that they are currently working on. Kirk and the band are presently filling up their diary with dates for the new year but you can catch them before then on December 18th at Katie Fitzgerald’s, so people of Stourbridge and fans of Fires That Divide, give yourself a great Christmas present and get this date in your diary now!

Kirk Shuttleworth - Fires That Divide

Our headliners of the night, Guts For Glory are another band who I’ve also had the great pleasure of seeing several times already this year , but tonight, the band totally took their set to a new level.

With James Gould recovering from an injury to his wrist, he could justifiably have taken a more laid back approach with his guitar playing tonight – but this is James Gould we are talking about here and when Guts For Glory take to the stage, I really don’t think anything apart from a straight jacket and chains would hold him back. And even though the dense smoke on stage took him out of sight on several occasions, you only had to listen to him play to know that nothing at all was being held back.

James Gould - Guts For Glory

Lead singer Rich Austin, also gave another great performance on stage tonight, with his brutal vocals being most ably endorsed by his change in appearance.

Rich Austin - Guts For Glory (2)

With the release of a new album standing firmly on the bands imminent horizon, tonight was a great opportunity to see Guts For Glory live and to get a taste of what is about to be released and if tonight’s performance was anything to go by, then the new album is going to be a must have purchase for sure!

Finally, and to all those people I saw earlier that evening, queuing to get into the other rooms at the O2 Academy , I have to say – you missed out on one hell of a great gig tonight, as hall 3 was definitely the place to be!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

S.O.T.S – Part 2

The Haygate Wellington 11th July 2015.

Today’s S.O.T.S All Dayer is already proving to be a bit of smash, with much praise and thanks deservedly going out to all the bands who have already played in support of this fund raising event for Soldiers Off The Streets and the fantastic work that they do.

And with many great bands and artists still yet to come, it was an absolute pleasure to see Adrien and Em from Cadence Noir take to the stage and filling The Haygate with their pretty impressive gothic folk rock.

Adrien and Em

There was also no holding back the F1-11’s either, who took to the stage for the second time today but this time with a slightly different line up and a new set of tunes much to the enjoyment of everyone.

Next up tonight were Fires That Divide and these guys were definitely hell bent on making their thirty minutes count with a rousing set of full throttle rock ‘n‘ roll.

Fires That Divide

And the great rock kept rolling, with huge appreciation going out to The Black Hounds for a cracking performance!

The Black Hounds

Stone Broken were up on stage next and there was no shortage of fans who came along tonight to see them. Do check this band out on Facebook – you won’t be disappointed.

Stone Broken

When it comes to compiling my fantasy gig line up, it would never be complete without Theia being on the bill so I was definitely doing the happy dance tonight!


It’s been a while since I last saw Captain Horizon but tonight from they were just as outstanding as ever, with ’Patch’ being a particularly fitting song to be included in this evenings set.

Captain Horizon

Midnight had come and gone when our event headliners Liberty Lies took to the stage and one things for sure, these guys certainly brought this great event to a storming end.

Today as a whole, has been fantastic to say the very least and it was so good to see such great support going out to Soldiers Off The Streets in recognition of all the great work that they do.

With the purpose of today being to raise as much money as possible to further aid their cause, the final tally stood a £1,000.00, so much kudos going out to the bands, Garry Foster, The Haygate and ultimately Andy Boden for bringing this all together and actually making a difference!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.