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Rock City Nottingham 23.3.17

Tonight’s show was a rarity, as I’d managed to secure an interview, with both of the headlining bands and as I’d been given a plus one, I thought it would be cool to ask a friend along and make a day of it. So a day off work was in order, to make the most of it and also prevent me stressing out about getting to the venue in time, as everyone knows what a nightmare it is getting into Nottingham these days!


On arrival, we were greeted by Devilskin’s manager, James, what a pleasant guy, no really! As the band were still sound checking, it gave me an opportunity to pick my spot and get set up. Afterwards, we had some time to kill so we got to witness a preview, of the nights events – Soundcheck! What a treat, to see Jennie of Devilskin, belting out lyrics in a more relaxed environment and even here, she gives it her all!

Our first interview, was with Devilskin and from that band, we spoke with Jennie (vocals) and Nail (guitar) awesome interview.

We then spoke with Sumo Cyco. Initially, we spoke with the lovely Skye (vocals) and then later, Matt (guitar) decided to gatecrash our interview, which was all very cool. If I’m honest, it helped to bring a whole new set of questions to our interview – cheers Matt.

With our interviews done, we still had enough time to see the first act up tonight and let’s not forget them here, as they are a local band who go by the name “Eva Plays Dead” and are a band I’d never heard of before tonight, but by all accounts they are making some real headway with their style of rock/punk music and it’s easy to see why, with the energy of this band. Definitely check these guys and girl out if you can, as there’s two very good reasons to do so. Firstly, Tiggy’s voice is extremely powerful, so it’s obvious to see why these guys managed to tour with Devilskin and Sumo Cyco as she definitely holds her own, in the powerful vocals department! Secondly, they are a lot of fun to watch live! Tonight, my friend and I, after seeing (another) Matt on guitar, looked at each other and thought our friend, who lives in London, was playing in Eva Plays Dead. Turns out, we’ve managed to find his twin – they’re not related, but man, they look alike. Matt too had some great energy tonight and is also a great guitar player!

Tiggy Dee - Eva Plays Dead

Tiggy (vocals) did confess, she’s usually throwing more shapes around during a live performance but she was recovering from concussion! That said, she still managed to give a great performance tonight and we hope to see you playing again soon, seeing as you’re local!

Having heard some of Devilskin’s work prior to tonight, I was looking forward to seeing these guys play live! With two studio albums under their belt, the latest of which “Be Like The River” was released last year and has been greatly received but it was their highly anticipated debut album “We Rise” that has thrown the music industry into a frenzy for these guys. Jennie has a massive range in her voice and uses every ounce of energy, in every song the band have produced. Sadly, this current run of tour dates has now finished and the band are back in New Zealand where they’re from, having a well deserved rest but does a band of this stature ever really rest? I’m aware Devilskin are back here very soon, in two months time in fact, when they support Airbourne on a string of dates before they play the Dogtooth stage, at Download Festival, on the Sunday. If you’re going, be sure to check these guys out, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with this band, as I am.

Jennie Skulander - Devilskin

Tonight’s set was a masterclass in how to entertain a crowd during a live gig. The song choices were perfect, as they took us on a journey and evoked a whole range of different emotions, but above all, they entertained us perfectly. I even bought a T-shirt, to show my support for the band!

Paul Martin - Devilskin

Finally, a band who the UK music lovers, have welcomed in with open arms and embraced them as one of our own – Sumo Cyco. I can now say this, with confidence, as I now know, they’ve toured the UK six times over the years and every tour appears to have been more successful than the last. This band appeal to me greatly, as they remind me of Skindred, even more so now, as they’ve collaborated with the man himself, Benji Webb, on the track ‘Move Mountains” and a belter of a track it is too!

The first thing likely to strikes you about this band, is the sensual appearance of the bands lead singer, Skye however, her prowess runs much deeper than just her appearance. She is in fact the founding member of the band and all the men within it, work for her! She comes up with most of the lyrics and melodies, with the rest of the band guiding her to what sounds right, what works and what doesn’t, as any good musician should, I guess. I’m aware this band have an ever increasing fan base, loyal to the core, as they’ve proved recently during the bands latest pledge campaign. One guy, Lars, from Germany, even flew himself all the way over to Canada to feature in a music video and help write a song – now that’s commitment! Check out our interview, to reveal more.

Skye Sweetnam - Sumo Cyco

Tonight’s performance was incredible, with every member of the band performing as though it was their last and tomorrow would never come. Thankfully it did and the band have won my heart, with their exuberant performance tonight.

Matt MD13 Drake - Sumo Cyco

Sumo Cyco have now flown over to mainland Europe to continue touring with Hed PE, another band we’re fond of here. It’s safe to say, these guys are true professionals and born performers and we look forward to seeing them play here again in the UK real soon. I just hope I’m there when Benji graces the stage to duet for the bands track, the previously mentioned “Moved Mountains”, which is the bands latest single from their new album OPUS MAR, which gets released on the 31st of March. I did however, manage to buy a copy at tonight’s gig, ahead of its release and I’m enjoying listening to it right now!

As the year marches on, festival season is fast approaching so roll on summer, good times, good friends and above all, plenty of the good music that awaits us! See you soon, fingers crossed!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)