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Emma Scott

‘If It Was My Band’ is released on 1st August 2014.

If It Was My Band - Written by Emma Scott

The new book from multi award-winning radio presenter, gig promoter and radio plugger, Emma Scott, with illustrations from Sydonia Aitken-Ballard, is released on August 1st 2014.

Drawing upon her 25 years in the music industry, Emma shares insider information on the business with the aim of helping bands and musicians all over the world to break into the industry and/or further their music career.

Revealing the inner-workings of the music industry, If It Was My Band… is the ideal book to have if you’re planning a career in music. Amongst the hundreds of tips to help you increase your chance of success, the book provides ideas of how to make money from your music as well as how to avoid wasting money in your quest for success.

Over the years, Emma has interviewed bands at the beginning of their careers and seen them get signed, get big and, in some cases, get dropped again. Working on radio shows at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Galaxy and Metro FM, she’s interviewed hundreds of artists of all genres, from Foo Fighters to Five Star, Bloc Party to Bad Boys Inc, Marillion to My Chemical Romance.

During her work as a TV and radio presenter, gig promoter, A & R manager at an independent record label and a radio plugger, Emma came into contact with thousands of musicians every year and it became apparent that many of them didn’t know how to talk to industry people and help show their music off in the best light – and ultimately make music their full time job.

There were so many times when Emma received a badly written email or worked with a badly behaved band at a gig that she found herself muttering the words, “If it was MY band I wouldn’t write an email like that or act like that…” and she started making notes every time she came across clueless or bad behaviour. Before she knew it, she had another book on her hands.

Nearly two years later, the characters from the book (band members, a band manager, music lawyer, fan-girl, DJ and punk rocker) and Emma’s words have finally become one and the result is stunning! Simple to understand and easy to read, If It Was My Band has been brought to life by Awkward Illustration’s Sydonia Aitken-Ballard, who Emma approached after seeing Syd’s “Rock Bunny” design.

Chapters include Starting Out, Getting Gigs, Building a Buzz, How to Manage the Band and Making Music a Full Time Job. There’s a handy glossary of industry terms and helpful contacts as well as a “checklist for success” which any musician can go through and tick boxes off as they achieve each new step. Written through the eyes of a band member, each point made in the book comes from a real-life situation that Emma has experienced.

With over 300 points in the book as well as inspirational stories and facts about U2, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, David Guetta, Paolo Nutini, Elbow, Snow Patrol, and Oasis, together with quotes from Kurt Cobain, Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Paul Weller, If It Was My Band… is the compass and the map to help any aspiring musician.

Emma says: ‘By reading this book, musicians will get to learn from other people’s mistakes and pick up hundreds of tips along the way – I’m really proud of it!”

To order a copy of the book follow the link: HERE !

Emma Scott’s Official web site: HERE !

Emma Scott

The O2 Academy 3 Birmingham, 10th May 2014.

Singer-songwriter Charow opened the night with an excellent and passionate solo acoustic set which even included a thought provoking poem recital.


Kuoko followed with the first of the night’s full-on indie and alternative band set. Together since 2012, Kuoko set the pace and showed their professionalism with an injured bass player playing his first gig with band, sitting down with his bass held vertically between his legs, old school bass style!


Superficials followed on by unleashing some impressive 90’s rooted alternative vibes on to the audience. Plenty of hooks were in there together with guitars proudly riffing away in heavy doses.


A great young band, The Assist were up next. Full of swagger and Madchester attitude, The Assist brought some killer beats to the night together with a sound that was full of soul and passion.

The Assist

Headliners, The Rainband were certainly the jewel in the crown of the night. The four piece Manchester band hit Birmingham with a shedload of powerful rhythms, catchy melodies and tasteful guitar riffs that seemed to drive adrenaline throughout the body with a compelling force. With endorsements and supports slots with some of the great established music acts such as Simple Minds, Ocean Colour Scene and Liam Gallagher under their belt, the feel about The Rainband is that they are on the verge to break in a big way. With the good times rolling, The Rainband have announced they will tour Italy in July with Scottish singer songwriter Paolo Nutini in addition to having their latest single Sirens being playlisted on Janice Long’s BBC Radio 2 show.

The Rainband

See more pictures from the night HERE:

Review and Photography by Stephen Turner.

Emma Scott

The O2 Academy3 Birmingham 19th April 2014.

It seems like ages since my last excursion to Birmingham for a night of entertainment courtesy of Emma Scott, and what a line up there is on offer tonight. With a fine mix of familiar faces and tuneage and the prospect of a couple of new experiences aswell, an interesting night lay ahead for sure!

Sadly, with Bank Holiday transport running well behind schedule, my hopes of seeing Joe Miles tonight were dashed as by the time my train finally steamed into Birmingham New Street, Joe’s set was drawing to a close, so big apologies to Joe for missing that as from the accounts of those who did see you, you gave a sterling performance!

So, my night of rock ‘n’ roll started with the relative newcomers to the West Midlands music scene, Hilum. Watching these guys perform their set tonight, the term snazzy came to mind as their blend of alternatively rock and pop is definitely stylish and hugely attractive to the ears. Amongst the haze of billowing smoke and the atmospheric blue and green lighting, the stage really was set to capture the mood of their music and an extremely enjoyable set it was too!


There are a couple of sure fire guarantee’s about our next band, Million Empire as with each and every performance of theirs that I’ve seen, this Birmingham trio have always basked in their outstanding ability as musicians and always succeed in playing the living daylight’s out of each and every song! Their set tonight met every expectation I had and a few more aswell, with the news of their imminent plans to get some new material recorded warranting a little happy dance from me when no one was looking!

Million Empire

It’s been just over two years since I last saw Page 44 at this very venue, so I’m looking forward to tonight’s repeat performance as this was a band whose name and sound has stayed with me based on that previous performance. With the two Adam’s taking full control of the mic’s, the good time vibe quickly rolled out across the O2 Academy3, much to the delight of tonight’s audience. One of the great qualities this band possess is their tireless energy on stage and even though Adam Stanford felt the burn for a brief moment, their high voltage performance just kept coming and a great set from the band indeed!

Page 44

Headlining tonight, were Shropshire based Fight The Dice and these five guys are firm favorites of mine as they always manage to put the tick in just about every box that you could ask a band to tick! Professional and charismatic in their every action, writers and performers of catchy and competent songs and clearly committed to what they do, makes this band always an absolute pleasure to watch! With the opportunity of a slightly longer set than they had initially planned, their mood was ripe for a few their older tracks and also a couple of popular covers and in true Fight The Dice style there was always time for plenty of smiles.

Fight The Dice

Well, I’d left it till the last minute to run off and catch my train home but I was running with a smile on my face – top night, top class bands, an appreciative audience and the very great company of Ms Emma Scott – what more could you ask for?

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.