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Royal Republic

Rescue Rooms Nottingham 08.10.16.

Royal Republic have been on my radar for a while, as they are a band on the up who are attracting ever more interest with every new release! Although tonight’s affair was at the Rescue Rooms, it was a sell out and thankfully, we’d booked our tickets well in advance for this show, so we got to see all the madness unfold first hand!


It seems like the UK have been inundated with bands from Canada this week but we don’t mind though as Canada knows how to rock, it would seem! Bleeker, the first band up tonight are from Toronto to be precise and they appear to be kicking up a bit of a storm with an acceptable rock/alternative sound, that wouldn’t sound out of place on any of the major and commercial radio stations. Are these guys a new breed of young rock acts who people are yet to discover and fall in love with? OK, they probably won’t appeal to some of the people that usually read my reviews, but tonight when they asked the crowd if anyone had heard of them, there were a few cheers, so they’re reaching the ears of the UK public, it would seem! I couldn’t tell you if these guys have played the UK before as I’d never heard of them before tonight, but I was suitably impressed with their catchy tunes and the crowd appreciated them as well, so a successful nights work! Nottinghamshire folk usually have a pretty good sense for all things that rock!


The crowd looked pretty fresh faced themselves to be honest but oh wait, it was freshers week so plenty of new arrivals will have landed in Nottingham and many in attendance tonight were probably visiting the Rescue Rooms for the first time. Enjoy guys, we get some amazing bands come through these parts and you’re gonna love it here but just remember, don’t spend all of your student loan on beer, please eat something and study hard!

I was very pleased when I saw the next band coming up on the bill, as Dinosaur Pile Up are a band that I’ve know about for some time but were one I had yet to see play live. They came bouncing back on my radar earlier this year with the release of their new single ’11:11′, what a tune and thankfully they played that track tonight – all be it the last track but this was cool though, because it meant I stuck around to watch their entire set.


First impressions are usually everything, so it was re-assuring to see these guys come out and try to get the crowd on their side by trying to get them involved with them and their music. I soon found myself starting to compare these guys to Nirvana, I’ve no idea why except that maybe it had something to do with the fact that lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland shows a striking resemblance to Kurt Cobain? Although every effort on the bands part, was made to get the crowd moving, they seemed to struggle to get these guys and I’m not sure why as I thought they rocked but maybe they were the wrong band to support Royal Republic tonight, they are very Indie rock. I thought they worked well, it just seemed a little awkward? I like this band though, they do remind me of all those Indie bands who were around in the early part of the 2000’s! Certainly check out their new single ’11:11′ though, you wont be disappointed, what a bass line!


As I sit here and write this, Royal Republic will be taking to the stage in Zurich, as they continue their European Tour or as they call it The Weekend Man Tour, after their latest album. Although these guys are from Sweden, according to listener statistics you now get on Spotify, I can see the Germans love these guys. The second most popular city for listeners, after Stockholm is Hamburg, so it’s no surprise to see that this show which comes later on in the tour (27.11.16) is already sold out. As stated earlier, tonight show at the Rescue Rooms was also a sold out show! See I told you the people in the East Midlands have good taste in music! Royal Republic formed in 2007 and had their first taste of major success with the release of their debut album ‘We Are The Royal’ (2010). In 2012 they released ‘Save The Nation’ which proved to be even more popular and giving them their highest charting success to date. This year they’ve released ‘Weekend Man’ and by the looks of the many sell out shows across Europe, this album has also been well received by their fans.


As they took to the stage, I was surprised to see them so well dressed! Not really, I knew these guys are usually well presented from all the promo shots I’d received previously! As the set went on, I could feel myself starting to enjoy myself more and more. Much more than I have done in a long time as the bands energy was electric and the crowd lapped it up! Man these guys are fun, fun, fun and they rock too, but I couldn’t help comparing them to Electric Six who are another band I really like, as the two are very similar, but Royal Republic are a little more sensible with their lyrics, no really! As live shows go, you’ll not be disappointed with a Royal Republic gig and let me tell you, tonight’s show had everything and I’m now a real fan! Winner!


Full Set list: 1.When I See You Dance with Another 2.Walk! 3.Make Love Not War (If You Have to Make War – Make Sure to Make Time to Make Love in Between) 4.Strangers Friends Lovers Strangers 5.Underwear 6.Good to Be Bad 7.Weekend-Man 8.Everybody Wants to Be an Astronaut 9.Any Given Sunday 10.People Say That I’m Over The Top 11.Addictive 12.Kung Fu Lovin’ 13.Tommy-Gun 14.Baby 15.Here I Come (There You Go) 16.Follow the Sun 17.Getting Along 18.Full Steam Spacemachine

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)