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On The “Rise” With Devilstrip.

Devilstrip - 'Rise'

In a world where new music is obsessed with scenes. Where everything has to end in “core” and adhere to strict fashion guidelines, wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear a rock band that was just aiming to play great music? Yes it would! which is why you need Devilstrip.

The Akron, Ohio three piece, who have just unleashed their debut album “Rise” on the world are unashamedly writing songs that are designed for stadiums, so whilst they are fiercely proud of their home state – their name comes from a local Akron term to describe a grass verge – they have one eye on taking on the world.

With a sound that is at once modern and yet instantly recognisable, their debut has already proved a hit and their incendiary live shows have garnered them a loyal following in their home town.

Bass player Graig Lindgren is rightfully proud of the album: “‘Rise’ has come out exactly like we thought it would and the way we wanted it to,” he beams. “Not only does it rock, it’s catchy!”


More than that, it is the culmination of what has very much been a labour of love for the trio – completed by Marc Wasmund on guitar and vocals and Jimmy Gray on drums – as Graig explains: “We all have families and don’t need to do this…but writing great songs and playing high-energy live shows is what drives us. We WANT to do it! So, when we put this band together we decided that we would do everything 1,000% or don’t bother to do it at all.”

It is that DIY, fearless attitude that has seen them sacrifice their family lives for 12 months to craft the hooks and choruses of the debut: “We put a plan together and have been executing it step-by-step for a little over a year…never scrimping, never cutting corners,” comments Graig.

With their opening single “Go” hitting the airwaves back home to rave reviews, the time has come for Devilstrip to make their mark in Europe. Graig – who counts Tim “Ripper” Owens amongst his friends – says that has long been his dream: “I always felt a deep connection with England,” he says. “I get all the English rock magazines delivered here.”

Lindgren ran into Black Stone Cherry in the airport with his wife and they set the benchmark: “They were the coolest guys ever,” he smiles. “If we could do what they have, that would be amazing.”

With another Akron export, The Black Keys, set to bother arenas on their UK next year, the blueprint is already there, and make no mistake, Devilstrip are on the “Rise.”

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