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Hands Off Gretel

With support from Desensitised.
The Bodega Nottingham 20th June 2019.

Well now, fancy meeting you here! Seems like an eternity since I last wrote a review for music224, but I’m glad to be back to be honest! During that time, I’ve seen lots of traffic on social media, dedicated to both bands on tonight’s bill and to say I was excited to finally see what all the fuss is about, is an understatement!

I’d like to say I got to The Bodega Bar, super early, because I couldn’t contain my excitement and this is true in part – the real reason however, is that the traffic was more kind than expected! Still, arriving early is always nice, as you get an opportunity to talk to like minded people and lets face it, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the music industry, these days! I even got to check out the merch stand before anyone else and get my grubby little mitts on a copy of “I Want The World” which is Hands Off Gretel’s debut album – I even got it signed, only by Becky though, but next time, Hands off Gretel, next time!

I also managed to have a brief chat with Becky Baldwin about what she’s been up to since I last saw her perform, which was well over a year ago! Having not met the lead singer and guitarist from Hands off Gretel before, when Lauren came over I managed to say hello, at least! As they all went off to get food, I thought I’d stick around to see tonight’s only support act, Desensitised, warm up for their set and to get prepared for the main event.

Desensitised are a three piece band from Nottingham, who appear to be taking the world by storm, one gig at a time! I really wanted to attend their album launch, which took place at Rock City Basement a few months ago but sadly, that wasn’t to be and from what I saw on social media, it looked as though I missed a cracking night! I’m also aware these ladies have graced both Planet Rock and the BBC Introducing air waves of late, which is an impressive accolade to have on the CV, no matter what happens from here on in!

As the Bodega is a relatively small but now well equipped venue, I was somewhat restricted with my movement around the stage as their was no pit, which explains why my perspective appears to be all from one view point, however, the crowd who paid to be here tonight, deserved to be up close and personal to their idols!

My view point was adequate enough to witness the events of Desensitised, unfold and I can think of worse places to be stood than in front of Libby, the bands guitarist! She was very entertaining and geez, can she play that guitar of hers! The satire, between the band was also very entertaining and humoured me greatly. Their music, however, blew me away and I can see why these ladies are destined to be famous, I just hope they’re ready for it!

Catchy lyrics and riffs, which follows a radio friendly 3/4minutes of hard hitting rock hits and I’ll be checking out ‘Sister Psychosis‘, the bands latest album, ASAP! Charlotte also mentioned they’ve got an opportunity to play Nottingham’s Splendour Festival in a few weeks, but to do that they need your help! Just go down to the final heats event and get involved, it’s free to enter and promises to be a great ‘cheap’ night out! DO IT, DESENSITISED NEEDS YOU! AND YOU NEED DESENSITISED!

As stated earlier, I managed to talk to a few people, before the gig started. One such person, was Hands Off Gretel’s band manager, merch man and Lauren’s dad, who was a very pragmatic character, indeed! Although I know I shouldn’t, I asked him what I should expect from his daughters band and who they sounded similar to. Thankfully, he replied with the best answer possible, stating they sound like themselves, a one off, unique! Great answer! They themselves put their sound along side acts, such as Garbage, Gwen Stefani and Saint Agnes, which I totally get. This band certainly sit well in our modern times, what with all the crazy things going on within it! My first impression of the album is Hands of Gretel are trying to make sense of it all, in their own special way! I could be wrong!

Again, my perspective was restricted to the speaker stack stage left, which was right in front of the bands guitarist, Sean, so I got a very good view of his exceptional skills as a guitarist! What I saw, impressed me greatly and the fact that The Bodega had a full crowd on a school night, says it all. According to the remaining dates on their tour poster, venues are selling out fast, so be sure to get your ticket, before it’s too late.

You really need to see this band at an intimate venue before they become mega stars and are playing larger venues – you know the ones, where you can’t get any access to the band, unless you pay for a VIP meet and greet package!

It’s great to be back photographing and reviewing again and even if no one bothers to read this, I certainly enjoyed writing it!

To see more photographs from the night, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/music224/albums

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)