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Dead Posey

Supporting Theory of a Deadman at Rock City Nottingham 21st November 2019.

Every day we receive countless emails regarding band releases, tour dates and information about what’s going on in the music world, which we are eternally grateful for. We appreciate every single one and the people who work tirelessly to send out this information regarding the artists they represent, so we do everything we can to support them. Although we can’t act on all the information we receive, we do read every single one.

Every so often we get notified of a new band we’ve yet to see live, such as the email we received regarding a Los Angeles based alt rock band known as Dead Posey and after listening to the material they currently have available to the public, we were intrigued to find out more. So, as per usual, we requested to attend the show at Rock City and were kindly granted permission to attend and review, however, we were also granted an interview, which I personally love to do as it gives me an opportunity to meet the talent behind the music! Although our interview was scheduled for before the show and we got their early enough to conduct it, we were asked if we could do it after their set as the band didn’t have that much time to get ready for their set, which we didn’t mind doing, as it still meant we got to see the main act.

As Dead Posey were the only support act tonight, they took to the stage relatively early. Knowing Tony was a multi-instrumentalist, I was intrigued to see how they’d fair on the live stage. As predicted, they had an additional guitarist and a separate drummer backing them up and to make the sound as it should be, although they mostly stayed at the back of the stage. What was surprising was that they didn’t have a bassist!

Danyell, the bands vocalist is a real live wire on stage and a born performer! With so much energy, it was hard to keep up with her! Thankfully, Tony was a little easier to handle, photographically. The lighting wasn’t the best for these guys and that is always disappointing from our perspective, as it’s the photography we love the best!

That interview is available here, if of interest? We think it’s an interesting insight into the band and as they’ve just announced they’re playing Download Festival next year, we’re predicting there will be much more interest in these guys after their appearance at that festival! It’s for this reason I love interviewing bands, so when we go to the festival next year, we can say, yeah, we spoke to Dead Posey and they are uber cool man, check’ em out!

Our favourite track, produced by these guys, is titled ‘Monster’ and we feel it represents what these guys do and are capable of, perfectly!

Theory of a Dead Man headlined tonight and again, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them live or know of any of their material even after researching the band, both before and after this show. These guys have a massive following on social media, probably due to the fact they are the massive record label, Roadrunner Records.

A credible rock band, who do what they do well although they’re not to my usual taste. I can listen to anything but I have to be impressed or I lose interest very quickly. Sadly this was the case with this band, so I left the pit earlier than usual to go find the reason I came in the first place and go talk to the incredible support act, Dead Posey!

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other! Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope to see you all again, in 2020! To see more photographs from the day, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr.

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)