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Dan Reed Network

Fight Another Day – Release Date 3rd June 2016.

The Dan reed Network are back with a new album which is definitley one for the record collection. From Portland, Oregon, this acoustic electro band know how to produce catchy records that will have you foot tapping, head bobbing and singing along to all day.

Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day.

The opening track ‘Divided’ starts things off with a great beat, rhythm and vocals, all of which are captured in a brand new video from the band.

The album continues in a very similar vein and captures in full, some great funk rock vibes, brilliant guitar rhythms and great drum beats.

There is no shortage of captivating lyrics either, brought to you courtesy of the great and smooth unique voice of front man himself, Mr Dan Reed and with songs like ‘Infected’ and ‘Be There With You’, you can really feel the emotion in his voice, just like he is singing sweet words into your ears.

So just to sum ‘Fight Another Day’ up briefly, GO BUY THIS album – it is worth it and you will be blown away. The album is currently available to pre-order on amazon or Itunes now… so what you waiting for!

Dan Reed Network video ‘Divided’ published on 18 April 2016.

For more information visit Dan Reed Network.

Review by Matthew York.