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With support from The Cruel Knives.
Rock City Nottingham 13th October 2017.

I had a horrible feeling we wouldn’t get accredited for this gig, so with that in mind, I left my camera gear at home. Silly of me to doubt the PR abilities of Mr. Turner, as he came through on the day which was great but sh*t, I’ve gotta go home and pick up my stuff before the gig tonight!

As this gig was on Friday the 13th, I was expecting traffic to be hell, but to my surprise I managed to get home, get changed and get to Rock City, before doors even opened at 18.30. Let’s just say I was shocked!

Never the less, I was here now and in plenty of time to see the only band supporting tonight, The Cruel Knives. I was very kindly asked if I would make the effort to see these guys perform and as a matter of principle, I always do my best to see every band performing, not just the headliner as you never know who the next big thing is going to be. Although these are a new band, they are by no means strangers to the stage. Sid Glover and Rob Ellershaw of Heaven’s Basement, together with Tom Harris and Al Junior, form new band The Cruel Knives. Currently writing and recording their debut EP and to top it off, they’ve managed to bag a great slot on this tour! Funny, I only saw another X Heavens Basement member last month!

Anyhow, These guys play hard rock and roll and they certainly live up to expectations, although, I felt very little inspiration or the need to rush out and buy the new EP. Sadly nothing new or original about this band, in my opinion however, I’m sure these guys have a loyal fan base who love these guys but sadly they weren’t for me.

So, Rock City have been in the press recently, probably for all the wrong reasons but nevertheless, all press is good press, as they say. All I’ll say is, after talking to the great security team at this venue who I’ve grown to know quite well and are always polite and friendly with me, don’t always believe the rubbish you read on social media! Check your facts!

I’ve been trying to see tonight’s headliner for many years, as I’ve been a fan of this band for years, but for what ever reason and there has been many, I’ve not managed to see them, until now, which made me super excited.

So W.A.S.P then, many ponder what this abbreviation actually stands for but some reliable sources tell me it stands for We. Are. Sexual. Perverts., but this is probably common knowledge to the true and die hard fans out there. The tour itself is a nod to the fact, Blackie Lawless released the Crimson Idol, some 25 years ago now, which was the first album released as a solo artist. The tour is titled Reidolized and plays out a unique life story, movie sequence, between tracks and is a life history of both Lawless and the band in general. This tour is for the true fans out there!

It’s well documented that Blackie is a bit of a Diva off stage, which has upset a lot of fans over the years with his antics, it would seem from the conversations I’ve been having, with various people these past few days! Love him or loath him, there’s no disputing he’s a metal icon. I believe his behaviour is largely linked to the role he plays in the society, which is a heavy metal legend! I can only speculate, but I bet he’s a pussy cat to his nearest and dearest?

Personally, I thought tonight was a great gig. Sure the lighting sucked, but the music didn’t, neither did the atmosphere. Everyone I know, who attended, said the same thing, so we can’t all be wrong! Seriously, if you like this bands music, go see this tour, it’s one not to miss!

Set List; 1. The Titanic Overture 2. The Invisible Boy 3. Arena of Pleasure 4. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) 5. The Gypsy Meets the Boy 6. Doctor Rockter 7. I Am One 8. The Idol 9. Hold on to My Heart 10. The Great Misconceptions of Me 11. The Real Me (Cover) 12. L.O.V.E. Machine 13. Golgotha 14. I Wanna Be Somebody

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)