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Rock City Basement Nottingham 10.03.16.

I hope as many people as possible get to read this review, as it’s subject is related to one of Britain’s greatest emerging bands and a band that all music lovers need to discover and fast! Purson, their name is, and it’s actually taken from a mythical demon!

We’ve been waiting nearly three whole years to see Purson play live again, the first time we saw them perform, was here at Rock City Basement no less, way back in May of 2013. We went along to watch these guys, on the recommendation of Evil Scarecrow’s manager and we’re so glad that we did. At that time, Purson were touring the UK in support of their debut album ‘Circle and the Blue Door’, the title of which came from a rather peculiar source, which I don’t feel comfortable divulging here, as it’s quite a personal subject but if you look hard enough or know this band well, you’ll know where it came from.

Since that album was released, Purson have been very busy indeed and it’s no surprise really, I’m just miffed that it’s taken us three years to see them again. The band have since signed a new record deal with, Spinefarm Records, a label we love here at music224, as they have some awesome bands on their books, including bands like Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, GRAMMY award winning Ghost, chart toppers Killing Joke and a new band to us, Blood Command who will be conducting a mini tour of the UK in April, which we also can’t wait for. I mention these select few, as Purson have toured with them all, which is brilliant to see as the band feel they don’t really fit into the music categories or genres they seem to get thrown in with, when playing gigs and festivals. Surely this shows how diverse this band really are and I feel it also demonstrates how diverse the music fans are aswell, as most are there to see the headliners, but embrace the quality of this band and quite rightly so!

We were scheduled to interview the band before tonight’s show but sadly that didn’t happen as Terrorizer Magazine picked up our slot but at the end of the day, as that media outlet is much bigger than us, they will hopefully introduce Purson to a larger audience and the more people who get to hear about Purson, the better as they really are an excellent band. We have, however emailed over our awesome interview questions and we’ll keep you posted on that!

In support tonight, were Crosa Rosa, who will be in attendance at all of Purson’s current UK dates. Local to the Nottingham area, this contemporary threesome rocked their alternative haircuts and personalities with great gusto and when it comes to unconventionality – these guys nail it! To compare them to another band is dam near impossible, which I imagine could be a tough cross to bear at times, especially when it comes to touring but hey, there isn’t anything wrong with being different!

Joe Fisher - Crosa Rosa

So, on to our headlining band Purson, whose new album ‘Desire’s Magic Theatre’ is due to be released at the end of April (hence this current tour) and can be pre ordered now and is available on the following formats, the ever popular vinyl and of course, CD.

Rosalie Cunningham

It’s not often that I watch a band in complete amazement, but I did just that tonight. Rosalie’s voice is the stuff that dreams are made of and with every word that came out of her mouth, another hair stood on end. It doesn’t happen often, but I got goosebumps watching this band.

Rosalie Cunningham.

The whole band were up for it tonight – you could see that, as they were all pulling shapes and posing for the cameras. Sadly, the lighting at Rock Cities Basement can be hit and miss, so I missed a lot of the usual shot’s I’d look for, which is a shame but it just means, I need to try and see them again, in a venue with a better lighting engineer…lol!

George Hudson - Purson

Tonight’s set was a great mix of old and new and I loved hearing both, to be honest. I’m extremely excited for the new albums release, thanks to the great single ‘Electric Landlady’ that they’ve already released a music video for and in it, Purson fans get to see a lot more of the stunning Ms Cunningham, than you’d expect!


Set list tonight consisted of: 1.Desire’s Magic Theatre 2.Danse Macabre 3.The Window Cleaner 4.Rocking Horse 5.Spiderwood Farm 6.Leaning on a Bear 7.Electric Landlady 8.Dead Dodo Down 9.Well Spoiled Machine 10.Mr. Howard 11.The Sky Parade 12.Tragic Catastrophe 13.Wanted Man.

Don’t delay, go watch Purson live today, or any day they are actually touring, in a venue near you!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)