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Crimson Star

‘Bay View’ EP date Of Release 23rd October 2017.

The Crimson Star journey first started back in 2012 and with many miles already traveled behind them, their forthcoming EP ‘Bay View‘ brings about a great view of the forward destination that the band are currently traveling on.

The Pragmatist‘ is not only the first of the five tracks on this EP, but also the current single and really does get things off to a roaring start, with it’s wealth of rolling bass and drum lines, blissful guitar licks and some pretty expressive vocals courtesy of Mr James Shaw. There is also a rather intriguing video out for this track too and we highly recommend you check it out.

The momentum behind this forceful EP continues with track 2 ‘La Prom‘, which delivers a harder edged steel within a sound reminiscent of U2 and is an absolute must listen to track for any guitar junkies out there. This is also the kind of song that you would expect to be the highlight at a live show.

The midway point of ‘Bay View‘ is marked with the imposing track ‘Once‘ and yet again, James Shaw vocally delivers exactly what it takes to push a great song on and into a league of it’s own.

Up until this point of the EP, it kind of felt that the bands secret weapon was yet to be revealed and sure enough, the penultimate track ‘Euthanise Me‘ is exactly just that. This song takes the listener on a rather intriguing journey through the smokey haze of jazz infused blues reminiscent of a 1920’s Speakeasy whilst maintaining that rockier edge that Crimson Star most definitely own! This track was a big talking point in the Wardle household and when a song has that kind of effect on the listener, then it’s a sure fire fact that the band have written a song that really is something quite special.

Closing the EP out is ‘Gimme Some‘ and this track takes the listener right back into the very heart of Crimson Star’s alternative rock sound and most definitely radiates the full essence and potential of this rather impressive EP.

Bay View‘ contains quite possibly, some of the best songs that the band have written to date, so be sure to grab yourself a copy 23rd October and take a listen for yourself – we think you’ll be very glad you did!

Track Listing:

1.The Pragmatist
2. La Prom
4.Euthanise Me
5.Gimme Some

Review by Martin & Sue Wardle.