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Coal Chamber

Rock City Nottingham 23rd May 2015.

Tonight saw the return of a legendary band, in Coal Chamber, to our shores and having never seen them before, I was keen to see how these guys fared today.

First though, we had Dope, an industrial metal band from America. Apparently, I think I recall the lead singer saying, this is their first time over here in the UK, which is pretty hard to believe since they first formed back in 1997! As an opening band, they did what they were meant to do and that was to warm the crowd up for the following acts and warm us up they did! What was nice to see was they were warming up a nearly full to capacity Rock City, which doesn’t usually happen for an opening act here. The crowd loved it too, we even had an early mosh pit and you could see these guys were pumped for tonight’s show. Incidentally, I’ve never seen a more jumpier band than these guys! For a minute there, I thought they were doing a cardio work out, but no, they were here to rock out and rock out they did! Great band, great show.


By looking at the bands FB page, I can’t quite fathom who does what in the band, so I’m not going to try and decipher that, so I’ll finish by telling you tonight’s set list, which was pretty extensive for an opening act..

1.Violence 2.Bring It On 3.No Way Out 4.Fuck the Police 5.Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover) 6.Die Motherfucker Die 7.I’m Back 8.Sick 9.Addiction 10.Bitch

Next up were The Defiled, I first saw this band over a year ago and personally, I loved them back then. From what I could see as I looked on, the band are now only a four piece, which means their second guitarist wasn’t in attendance tonight. I hope this isn’t a permanent change and they get another second guitarist soon, as the band were only sounding 80% on form, you could tell something was missing.

Where they were lacking in numbers, members The AvD, keys and Needles, drums were on fine form and made up the show as if they were a two piece. The AvD was especially energetic tonight, but I know what he’s like from that previous encounter! I have to mention the fact that I studied Stitch D on vocals, for some time and I just have to say that he really is an excellent vocalist.

Stitch D - The Defiled

These guys have a massive following, however, I’d say one third of the crowd left the room when these guys came on, which tells me they ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought they were very appreciative of the people who were in the room and they certainly rocked all those in attendance. Personally, I love the bands sound and energy! Great Stuff!

Tonight’s set list varied to other UK shows, as one track got dropped from the list “Blood Sells” but the rest of the set remained the same and consisting of;

1.Sleeper 2.As I Drown 3.No Place Like Home 4.New Approach 5.Running in Circles 6.Unspoken

So Soil then, wow, I can’t believe they are back in the UK already, especially when you consider lead singer, Ryan McCombs suffered a stroke the last time the band were in the UK! Thankfully, he is now on the mend and back to rocking form. I thought it best not to interview him again though, just in case! He really is a great front man, I managed to make eye contact and give him a friendly wink to acknowledge the fact that it was great to see him back on stage! As for the rest of the band, I’m convinced they’re all camera shy, as every time I tried to capture them doing their thing, they turned their back on me!

Ryan McCombs - SOIL

Full set list (remarkably) was;

1.Breaking Me Down 2.Loaded Gun 3.The Hate Song 4.My Own 5.Pride 6.Redefine 7.Unreal 8.Halo 9.Black Betty (Ram Jam cover)

Tonight’s main event was muchly anticipated on my part, as I’d discovered Coal Chamber several years ago, but was yet to see them live. Quite frankly I don’t think many people have seen this band live recently as they have only just reformed. They haven’t wasted much time in producing a new album though, as the new one is out now, titled “Rivals”. For fans of this band, I can reliably inform you, this new album remains in the same vain as the bands previous album, so it rocks, seriously, check it out!

Mike Cox - Coal Chamber

Tonight, they opened with the big hitters, “Loco” and “Big Truck” which set the room into a frenzy. It’s the first time I’ve seen crowd surfers appear on the first song of a set at rock city, in a long time and it didn’t let up throughout the entirety of the show. After the track Big Tuck, Dez addressed the crowd to express the bands gratitude for their support. He then went on to tell us a short story about the last time the band were here. It appears, Neil, the cook at Rock City, is a legend and has been here for years, as has his legendary Shepherds Pie. He also congratulated Neil as it was his birthday! I’ve never been fortunate enough to sample Neil’s Shepherds pie, but I’ll also say Happy Birthday to the man.

Dez Fafara - Coal Chamber

Tonight was a nostalgia trip for many in attendance, as the younger folk were no where to be seen. Personally I though the whole night was ace, but my highlight was watching Coal Chamber’s bassist, Nadja Peulen, phwor – woman in metal are hot!

Nadja Peulen - Coal Chamber

Set list consisted of;

1.Loco 2.Big Truck 3.I.O.U. Nothing 4.Fiend 5.Rowboat 6.Something Told Me 7.Clock 8.Drove 9.Not Living 10.Dark Days 11.I 12.Rivals 13.No Home 14.Oddity 15.Sway

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)