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Hils Ovation

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 23rd January 2016

Eradikator with support from Reign Of Fury, Gehtika, Burden Of The Noose and Burning Nation.

I have a strong suspicion that I’m just one of many people in tonight’s audience at the O2 Academy3 Birmingham, who have been bursting at the seams to get back gigging again and with Eradikator raring to launch their outstanding new CDEdge Of Humanity‘, what a great start to 2016 this is going to be!

First up on stage tonight were the Birmingham based band, Burning Nation who comprise of Matt Hall (vocals + guitar), Mike Kay (Guitar + Backing vocals) and Paul van Hadley (Bass Guitar + Programmer/Sequencer Engineer). I’m going to forgive myself for not having heard of these guys before as tonight was only their second live performance but if like me, you enjoy discovering a band with great promise, then Burning Nation are definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Matt Hall - Burning Nation

The next band to take to the stage tonight needed little introduction, being none other that the seasoned metallers, Burden Of The Noose who I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing at many a Hils Ovation gig and Crusade. This band are masters at whipping up a frenzied storm of raging intensity but lead vocalist Andy Barraclough was fighting to hide his smile tonight and quite rightly so as Burden Of The Noose were on top form tonight, with this easily being the best set that I’ve seen from the band yet!

Scott Cooper - Burden Of The Noose

I think it’s fair to say that Gehtika are also masters at whipping up a frenzy aswell and you can’t fail to admire their style, as these guys are true craftsmen when it comes to performance. Their set tonight saw the band deliver several tracks from their crushing album ‘A Monster In Mourning’, with the title track itself going down an absolute storm tonight. With rumours afoot of a new album in the planning from Gehtika, 2016 has the making of being another particularly spiffing year for the band so keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for new updates on that!

Anthony Knight - Gehtika

Our penultimate set for this evening was from the mighty Midlands based metallers, Reign Of Fury and here were have a band who take great delight in making great music in a style that equally matches their name. Eradikator needed little encouragement as neither did several members from Gehtika, in joining Reign Of Fury on stage towards the end of their set which was certainly a sight to see and hear and very much to the delight of the O2 academy3’s crowd.

Bison and Ross McLennan - Reign Of Fury

Ultimately, tonight heralded the launch of Eradikator’s new albumEdge Of Humanity’, which has been receiving some pretty smash reviews and tonight’s hour long set was a great opportunity to get to grips with it up close and personal. Eradikator’s engines were revved up to the max from start to finish with Pat Cox’s vocals cutting the haze of smoke and stage lights in perfect partnership with the precision work of Liam and Andy on guitars.

Patrick Cox - Eradikator

Eradikator are looking to take their live performances far and wide this year so do keep a check on their Facebook page for updates on that as these guys are simply not to be missed.

My enjoyment of Eradikator’s set was cut short by having to gallop off early to catch the last train home – so thanks for that British Rail but never the less, I don’t think anything could have spoilt the enjoyment of tonight which was truly an amazing blast of outstanding Midlands metal!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Midlands Metal Crusade V

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton.

Today marks the occasion of the Midlands Metal Crusade V returning to Wolverhampton and at 3.30pm sharp, our first band of the day took to the stage.

Toward The Grave looked like a band well happy to be here and played a great set that was laden with brutal guitar riffs and the savage vocals of Russ Snipe. I greatly admire this band for consistently combining so many aspects of the metal genre and creating a style that has both darkness and groove within its core. No doubt about it at all, Toward The Grave gave the early crowd a first rate start to the day.

Next band up were Slaughter Horse and these guys were one of the must see bands of the day for me. Sadly, they were one man down with Jim Chilton being absent from the stage, but it was still game on for the band with Craig Keating picking up the vocals and keeping their set as ferocious as ever. Next date in the diary for the Slaughter Horse is 29th January when they will be supporting Evil Scarecrow back here at the Slade Rooms – and what a night that is guaranteed to be!

Craig Keating - Slaughter Horse

With the audience well ready for more, the third band of today were Our World Below? and with these guys being no strangers to the local metal scene, there was a fair size fan base waiting to greet them. Today’s set from the band was one of the best performances I’ve seen them deliver, with the vocals of Dave Riley exceeding already high expectations. I’m really liking the current line up of the band which now seems like their best fit ever, so roll on many more gigs in 2016!

Another band on my must see list for today – and also on that of quite a few others were Fire Red Empress, as this was to be the first live performance for Jennifer Diehl who has recently taken on lead vocal duties for the band. Seeing and hearing Jennifer own those well known and much loved Fire Red Empress songs today, confirmed my hope that this will be the beginning of a new dimension for the band and I cannot wait to hear what comes out of the recording studio next year!

Jennifer Diehl - Fire Red Empress

The half way point of the day heralded the onset of Eradikator’s set and no doubt about it at all, these guys were on top form as their metal was certainly molten tonight. With their new album ‘Edge of Humanity’ receiving some very positive reviews, their performance served to justifiably confirm those views and for those who didn’t get to see them today or simply want to see them again, Eradikator will be hosting a Launch Party at the O2 Academy 3 on Saturday 23rd January 2016!

Patrick Cox - Eradikator

Next up on stage were Burden Of The Noose and undoubtably, this band never fail to execute one of the most intense live performances to be experienced. Lead singer Andy Barraclough is a master of menace on stage with his never ending corrosive gaze deftly underpinning the ferocity of his vocals and always serving to compliment this bands musical brutality. An excellent set from the band tonight.

Gehtika are a band who need very little introduction as their ostentatious stage presence and extravagant metal is well known and well loved by many. Tonight’s set included several tracks from their recently released album ‘A Monster In Mourning’ and in true Gehtika style combined with the spirit of expect the unexpected, their was a spot of onstage appreciation from a fan too!

Topher O'Meager - Gehtika

Our penultimate band for this evening were The Heretic Order and after seeing them at a previous Crusade, this band have grown to become a firm favourite of mine. Tonight’s set from them was loaded with atmosphere and a good helping of audience participation aswell and for me, their set was over way too fast. With a new tour in the planning for next year, The Heretic Order are facing a busy 2016, so do check out their forthcoming dates as these guys are well worth the price of a ticket!

Lord Ragnar Wagner - The Heretic Order

One thing that every Crusade always delivers, is a headlining band guaranteed to surpass expectations and this Crusade was to be no different, with non other than Raging Speedhorn set to raise the Slade Rooms roof tonight. With the stage undergoing the required transformation, the audience numbers swelled but given this bands popularity and long standing achievements, that was only to be expected. Nothing was held back from the band or from the audience either as their set got underway and it really was a performance that put the hard in hardcore!

Frank Regan - Raging Speedhorn

Today’s crusade lacked for nothing apart from the unavoidable absence of Hils Ovation however the Slade Rooms raised a glass or two in appreciation of all Hils’ hard work and for making this great event happen.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.