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At The Robin2 Bilston 22nd June 2013.

I first discovered the Walsall based band Bullitstorm back in January of this year, when they played at one of the ‘Emma Scott Presents’ nights held at the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham. I remember that experience for not one, but two specific reasons, the first one being that they delivered a pretty awesome set and secondly, the fact that they were to see the departure of their two guitarists shortly after it – thankfully, I have been reassured that this had nothing to do with my photography!

Such a milestone event for a band can take some getting over but when you get to know these guys and come to understand their full on no bullshit belief in both themselves and their music, it really comes as no surprise that I’m here tonight along with many others, waiting to see the second outing for the new and raring to go Bullitstorm, as sole support to the pretty impressive, Limestone Lizzy.

Graham Benton Cox - Bullitstorm.

So, a few band introductions are about due and it’s my absolute pleasure to say that still going strong and as steady as ever, are the three former band members and compadres, Graham Benton Cox on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jimi Yakuza on bass, and John Tolley on drums and backing vocals. I’m also just a little bit chuffed to be able to introduce the two new nifty guitar workers and latest Bullitstorm additions, Messers Steve Peel and Rob Grosvenor (of New Saints fame). So there you have it folks, the full artillery that is Bullitstorm.

Jimi Yakuza - Bullitstorm

Tonight’s set from the band got off to a flying start with the three blistering tracks ‘Hazardous’, ‘Blindside’ and ‘Flatline’, and all being songs that I hope we will see making an appearance on the forthcoming album. These three songs tick the rock ‘n’ roll boxes on several levels, and by that I mean vocals that have an edge and attitude hard enough to entice an adrenaline rush in even the toughest of creatures, the powerful and intense direction heard in both drums and bass and last but certainly by no means least, the shear dimensions of duelling guitars.

John Tolley - Bullitstorm

Steve and Rob have quickly formed a great guitar union that works in the true partnership of them both being equals, yet when joined together as one force, they pack a punch that stings. To get a taste of this for yourself, check out ‘Blindside’ over on the bands Facebook page.

Steve Peel - Bullitstorm

With Bullitstorm’s set now in full swing, their next song was to be a cover of the New Saints song ‘Mexican Chilli’. This was received with a hearty cheer as it marked the absence of a friend who had passed on from this life but remains ever present in spirit and with its representation being clearly appreciated by many of those present, this had to qualify as one of those memorable moments you don’t tend to forget.

Rob Grosvenor - Bullitstorm

And the great songs simply kept coming including ‘Innocent Victims’ which gave us the chance to hear the softer side of Graham’s vocal ability aswell as seeing him pick up the acoustic guitar. Quite a song to witness live as it clearly has a special meaning and I think was possibly my favourite song of the set.

Graham Benton Cox - Bullitstorm

With our headlining band Limehouse Lizzy being masters at portraying great songs made famous by others, it seemed only right and proper that Bullitstorm squeezed in another cover aswell, with this one being ‘Slither’ by Velvet Revolver – great song choice and greatly received by the audience, as had been their set in it’s entirety.

If tonight’s gig has set the standard for those yet to come, then I suspect that Bullitstorm are going to be a band in demand and with dates in their diary for August, September, October and November, you will have plenty of chances to catch them live for yourself. To find out exactly where and when they are playing, check out their Facebook page for details!

Details of tonight’s set list: 1.Hazardous  2.Blindside  3.Flatline  4.Mexican Chilli (New Saints Cover) 5.Innocent Victims  6.Devil Inside  7. Forever Is The End   8.Slither (Velvet Revolver Cover)   9.Drumhead

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.