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Planet Rock Roadstars

The Bodega Nottingham 25th March 2017.

Planet Rock Roadstars March/April UK Tour presents a great evening of bluesy hard rock with co-headliners Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch playing at The Bodega in Nottingham. A great little venue that made the night quite intimate, with a great view wherever you were.

Danny Core - Broken Witt Rebels

First up were Bad Touch, who played some great tracks from their new album “Truth Be Told”. With Planet Rock giving their first single from the album “99%” plenty of air play, I knew the rest of the album would be great and it was even better live. I loved “Take Your Time”, a personal song to lead singer Stevie who put so much emotion and passion into this moving track.

Stevie Westwood - Bad Touch

With the departure of lead guitarist Rob, it was my first time of seeing his replacement Harry play. Harry had big shoes to fill but he certainly has filled them! Giving him a solo, he showed off his wonderful talents and he is certainly a great addition to the band, although his image could do with a bit of roughening up which I know the rest of the band are working on! Rumours are they are going to tie him to the back of the van and drag him along for a few miles to rough his image up. I look forward to seeing and hearing his input into the bands future songs.

Harry Slater - Bad Touch

Next up was headliners Broken Witt Rebels, a 4 piece indie/blues rock band from Birmingham.

Luke Davis - Broken Witt Rebels

Playing their most recent single “Georgia Pine” which is the title track from their current EP, and the third single taken from it. They also gave us a preview into their debut album with “Snake Eyes” which was very well received from the crowd.

James Tranter - Broken Witt

Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch was very well suited together, Bad Touch stole the show for me as I felt Broken Witt Rebels lacked that “oomph” and needed to let rip that little bit more.

Review by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.