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Live At Radio City Music Hall.

This is not just any normal album but history in the making and a once in a lifetime experience for the artist. Joe Bonamassa played at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in January 2015. He did a sold out two night run at the venue and decided to have this live performance recorded to share this magical performance with music listeners alike. Bonamassa Live at Radio City Music Hall is available on CD and also DVD, so if you don’t just want to listen to it but see this performance aswell, you are able to.

Joe Bonamassa Live At Radio City Music Hall

Joe Bonamassa has a very bluesy sound to his music with foot tapping beats and ear shattering guitar solos, so blues fans this is defiantly one for you.

The album starts with a very catchy song called ‘I can’t be satisfied’. A song with a great rhythm set by the guitarist matched with a catchy drum beat and backed with saxophones, an organ and bass guitar. This song just makes you want to get up and dance and this song also has a great guitar solo which just takes your breath away.

For fans on Bonamassa he plays all the classics like Dust Bowl. This song is very catchy and has a mellow feeling to it. It has a soft drum beat to it which picks up throughout the song being backed up by the acoustic guitar which makes you just want to move to the music.

Another classic song played on this live recorded album was ‘Different Shade Of Blue’. His voice in this song is very emotional with a lot of power. The piano and acoustic guitar played in perfect harmony together. The riff played is very powerful and catchy it makes you want to carry on listening. It also has a very powerful violin solo which fits perfect into the song.

The whole album is fantastic and I could sit and tell you about how good every song is but I think it is better for you to experience it for yourself. I would say this is a must buy album and would be great for any collection. It is an album fit for any occasion, driving or even for nice summers days out in the garden, having a barbeque.

The CD can be purchased from amazon or jbonamassa.

Review by Mattew York.