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Beckon Lane

The Long Road EP – Release Date July 2017.

One thing often leads to another and in the case of Beckon Lane, after seeing them live at a Hils Ovation gig in Birmingham, the opportunity to grab a listen to their forthcoming EP was something that just had to be done.

Work on their second EPThe Long Road‘ has recently been completed and the fact that this EP comprises of just two tracks, actually endorses the statement that less is more, as both songs succinctly capture the intense full bodied sound that Beckon Lane posses.

With both tracks ram packed full of the glorious power found within Beckon Lane’s combined body of drums, bass and guitar, these songs really do give the listener an adrenaline fuelled ride, with the opening track ‘Fair Enough‘ getting the EP underway at full throttle. Having said that, this energy does not overshadow the bands attention to melody in anyway, as this song also boasts a quite simply stunning lower tempo refrain where the emotion within the lyrics undoubtedly shines through.

I have to say that the second song of the EPLong Way Round‘ was the song that clinched this EP’s prowess for me as it elevates Beckon Lane on to higher ground with some exceedingly impressive guitar melodies, making for one very sweet undercurrent indeed.

Overall, the one thing that repeatedly stopped me dead in my tracks throughout the entirety of this EP, was the vocal ability of Lewis Phillis as boy oh boy, can this guy sing! With such a great range and tone to his voice, my ears were glued to just about every note and to say I was WOWED is an understatement!

The release date for this EP is looking to be July 2017, so do keep checking in with band for further updates on that and I must say a big thank you to Beckon Lane for giving me the chance of this most appreciated preview, as this really is one great EP!

Track Listing:

  1. Fair Enough.
  2. Long Way Round.

Beckon Lane line up consists of:

  • Dan Brown – Drums/vocals
  • Lewis Phillis – Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Samer Bata – Lead Guitar
  • Mike Nightingale – Bass

For more information visit Beckon Lane.

Review by Sue Wardle.

Hils Ovation

Tonight’s Hils Ovation gig see’s me heading back to the O2 Academy3 Birmingham for a night in the company of Glory Fades, Inclosure, Beckon Lane, Lynus and the amazing, Captain Horizon! And it was Glory Fades who had the pleasure of getting tonight’s show underway and I can’t begin to imagine what the mix of nerves and adrenaline must have been like for them, as this was also their first ever live performance aswell! In the company of a keen and supportive audience, the bands rock rolled freely and it was easy to be caught up in the great vibe and enthusiasm that was obvious throughout their set. As far as new and up and coming bands go, I think Glory Fades are set for high times indeed and I shall definitely look forward to seeing them again.

Brandon Paskin - Glory Fades

Our second set of the show was delivered by the Birmingham based band, Inclosure and the first thing that jumped out at me about this band, was that for three guys, they pack an impressive punch! Lead guitarist Jordan Parton has the kind of on stage energy that is addictive to watch and he also has the skills to match as tonight, the riffs just flowed from his strings. The band have quite a few gigs coming up over the next few months, so make sure to check out their Facebook page for details of all their forthcoming events!

Jordan Parton - Inclosure

With Crimson Star sadly having to step down from tonight’s line up, it was pretty cool to have the Nottingham based band Beckon Lane added to tonight’s bill at such short notice, especially as this was their debut gig in Birmingham aswell. First impressions generally pave the way for future interest and with such a full and resounding heaviness to the bands sound, I think it’s fair to say that Birmingham welcomed them warmly with open arms. May 5th will see Beckon Lane taking part in Nottingham’s Metal 2 The Masses Semi-finals, so all the very best wished to these guys on the road to Bloodstock.

Lewis Phillis - Beckon Lane

Our next band of the night were Lynus and it’s always a pleasure to catch this band live as they really do seem to have found that magic ingredient that simply makes them stand out on just about every stage they set foot on. And tonight’s set from the band had an extra bonus aswell in the form of two new tracks in their set list ‘Feeling Nothing’ and ‘Foot in Mouth’ which are new releases this year and if these songs are anything to go by, 2017 is going to be a pretty outstanding year for Lynus!

Justin Griffiths - Lynus

It’s been said a hundred times over that the West Midlands has a thriving music community but one band whose contribution makes it all that much richer are our headliners of the night, Captain Horizon. With this being their first gig of the year, to say I had been looking forward to it is an understatement but as always, the music was well worth the wait. Tonight’s awesome set list included many songs spanning across the bands nine year existence but the ultimate highlight of the night for me was to hear the title track of their 2011 EP, ’Radiostasis’ as this song really is in a league of it’s own.

Steve Whittington - Captain Horizon

A line up such as the one we saw tonight, is one that simply works well together and I’m pretty chuffed to be able to tell you that you can catch Glory Fades, Lynus and Inclosure all together again, when they will be supporting Free Sun Rising at The Giffard Arms Wolverhampton on May 13th – so get that date in your diary!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.