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Live review Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Sunday dawned dry and sunny which is an excellent start to any festival – add in a host of great bands, great music and good company to look forward to and voila, you have day 3 of Amplified Festival 2017!

So, and without further ado, it was time to head on over to the Beer Tent to get acquainted with my first of many Amplified bands and getting my Sunday well underway, were Hell’s Gazelles. This four piece band had brought a pretty dynamic dose of hard hitting rock ’n’ roll up with them from Oxford and if you like to go check out the up and coming bands who pack a punch, then Hell‘s Gazelles need to be at the top of your list!

My first experience of the Red Stripes main stage came courtesy of Instill and once again, here was a band that were new to me and who really do need to be seen and heard when the opportunity arises.

With 2.30pm fast approaching, it brought along with it the ultimate fear of many a festival goer – the stage clash! I desperately wanted to see Garganjua but I also wanted to see Courtesans aswell, so at times such as this, there really was only one decision to make – go see both.

Having had the great pleasure of seeing Garganjua live on a few occasions over the past eighteen months, I really was quite blown away with the strength and power present today within the bands song content and stage presence. Garganjua’s music sits with the mesmerizing genre of doom, but their style of doom is one of the most animated that I’ve seen and these guys certainly put their life’s blood into today’s performance. Intense and bloody marvelous to say the least!

A quick gallop across the field brought me to probably the midway point of the Courtesans set and immediately it was clear to see why this band are such a talking point for so many. Courtesans posses a thought provoking mix of both beauty and the beast – the element of beauty being obvious to the eye, whilst the beast lies within their music and its lyrical capture of the darker side of life. With both elements combined, Courtesans stand tall in a league of their own and their set today was really quite something to behold.

After a quick break, I headed back on over again to The Red Stripes stage to catch Bad Touch who really seem to be making excellent headway on the live music scene and also brought the sun out with them. The bluesy rock and roll just flows from this band and their set this afternoon certainly delivered that good time festival feel to one and all.

Next up for me were In Search Of Sun and once again, these guys were another must see band of the day. The one thing that I find really interesting about In Search Of Sun is that they manage to span the boundary between hard rock and metal with effortless ease, resulting in songs that can fit whatever your mood or particular preference is and today’s set from them certainly hit the right spot indeed!

As afternoon turned into early evening, it was time to go check out Massive over on the Red Stripe stage and if I were to choose my favourite performance of the day, then these guys would be it. Not only do Massive deliver a colossal dose of great rock and roll but their infectious personalities and humour just fixed the smile on my face from start to finish.

And carrying on in that same vein of big rock sounds – but this time in a more melodic style, were my next band of the day, Vega. I first saw Vega several years back in 2011 at Firefest so it was excellent to see them up on stage again today and clearly at the top end of the melodic rock ranks.

Amplified Festival has given me, and quite possibly many others, the chance to see bands who I haven’t come across before and I have to hang my head in shame and confess that Unzucht were one such band. With a sound and style that is darkly charismatic, their set today was an absolute excursion into the depths of industrial metal and an experience that I will look forward to repeating again!

Today had definitely brought about some pretty impressive performances and with that thought in mind, my next pit stop was Heck but boy oh boy, in no way was I prepared for the madness and mayhem that these guys were about to unleash! Heck are most definitely not for the faint hearted as they pack a punch on par with a charging rhinoceros and that was really quite something to witness.

With daylight finally slipping away into night, our two remaining bands of the day held the honour of bringing Amplified Festival 2017 to a close and with those bands being Reef and Diamond Head, then I just knew that this would be an ending to remember.

With the Red Stripes stage lit to cool blue perfection and ready to rock, 90’s icon’s Reef took to the stage amidst some of the warmest cheers of the day and what a set they gave us indeed. With many of their past iconic songs being given the big seal of approval from the audience, this was a pretty cool trip down memory lane for sure, but I did love the fact that newer tracks were included aswell and hope we will have plenty more Reef to look forward to.

And so, my last band of the day were to be Diamond Head and you just gotta love these guys as they always give 110% with each and every performance and all their great songs, both old and new just kept coming tonight. It certainly seemed like both band and fans alike were set on enjoying the moment and with plenty of dates still in their diary for 2017, do make a point of getting to see them live if you can.

I must add that Jay Hawkin’s had chance to chat with Karl Wilcox from Diamond Head earlier in the day so be sure to check that out here.

Looking back on my day at Amplified, I can only say that it was a great day and an experience that I would happily repeat and recommend. So huge thanks going out the Gary Paterson and everyone whose hard work, can do attitude and helping hands, made this festival something pretty special to be part of. My one regret from today was not checking out the Tavern Stage, so I do give my sincere apologies for that.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle

Bad Touch

Second Album “Truth Be Told”.

Yes, they have returned!! Bad Touch are back with their second album (Truth Be Told). The boys have returned even better than before, which is pretty hard with having such a good album but luckily for us (Truth Be Told) does not disappoint. With more bluesy rock rhythms, great lyrics and mind blowing vocals from Stevie Westwood, this album is for fans alike and if you’re looking for a new fresh sound, then this is for you.

Photography by Rob Blackham.

The band have released two singles since the album launch back in December 2016. The first single ‘99%’ is one of my favourites, so head over to Bad Touch’s official Youtube and check that little pretty out.

To be honest the whole album is a smash hit for me, but if you get a chance have a listen to ‘Under Your Skin‘, ‘One More Night‘, ‘Take Your Time‘ and ‘Let The Sun Shine‘ because you’ll be bopping your head, tapping your foot and it will even make you want to have a little dance. The last track on the album shows the softer side of Bad Touch with ‘The Mountain‘, which is slow, smooth and like all the other songs on the album, easy to listen to with lots of feeling. This album like the previous one is for all ages and walks of life.

Check out the bands latest single Heartbreaker, Soulshaker!!

So, if rock or blues is your thing or if you just appreciate music, check these guys out and if you like what you hear go see them live for an amazing unforgettable night out.

So don’t just take my word for it get out there and buy the album!!

Track list:

  1. One More Night
  2. 99%
  3. Waiting For This
  4. Under My Skin
  5. Heartbreaker Soulshaker
  6. Take Your Time
  7. Let The Sun Shine
  8. My Mother Told Me
  9. Outlaw
  10. Made To Break
  11. Healing Hand
  12. The Mountain

Bad Touch members:

  • Stevie Westwood (vocals)
  • George Drewry (drums/vocals)
  • Harry Slater (lead guitar/vocals)
  • Daniel Seekings (guitar/vocals)
  • Michael Bailey (bass)

For more information visit Bad Touch online.

By Matthew York.

Planet Rock Roadstars

The Bodega Nottingham 25th March 2017.

Planet Rock Roadstars March/April UK Tour presents a great evening of bluesy hard rock with co-headliners Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch playing at The Bodega in Nottingham. A great little venue that made the night quite intimate, with a great view wherever you were.

Danny Core - Broken Witt Rebels

First up were Bad Touch, who played some great tracks from their new album “Truth Be Told”. With Planet Rock giving their first single from the album “99%” plenty of air play, I knew the rest of the album would be great and it was even better live. I loved “Take Your Time”, a personal song to lead singer Stevie who put so much emotion and passion into this moving track.

Stevie Westwood - Bad Touch

With the departure of lead guitarist Rob, it was my first time of seeing his replacement Harry play. Harry had big shoes to fill but he certainly has filled them! Giving him a solo, he showed off his wonderful talents and he is certainly a great addition to the band, although his image could do with a bit of roughening up which I know the rest of the band are working on! Rumours are they are going to tie him to the back of the van and drag him along for a few miles to rough his image up. I look forward to seeing and hearing his input into the bands future songs.

Harry Slater - Bad Touch

Next up was headliners Broken Witt Rebels, a 4 piece indie/blues rock band from Birmingham.

Luke Davis - Broken Witt Rebels

Playing their most recent single “Georgia Pine” which is the title track from their current EP, and the third single taken from it. They also gave us a preview into their debut album with “Snake Eyes” which was very well received from the crowd.

James Tranter - Broken Witt

Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch was very well suited together, Bad Touch stole the show for me as I felt Broken Witt Rebels lacked that “oomph” and needed to let rip that little bit more.

Review by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.