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Bad For Lazarus

Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!

It’s rare you hear a band these days that you can’t immediately pigeon hole but Bad for Lazarus definitely left me a bit….confused.

Bad For Lazarus - Life's A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!

The one thing that stood out for me instantly were the vocals. Very catchy, good harmonies and distinctive and I’ve always said, if you have a distinctive vocalist you’re half way there. This reminds me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Musically, I hear several influences – Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters mixed with some techno influences makes for an interesting concoction. It didn’t grip me straight away but it grew on me quickly. It’s groovy, quirky and fun to listen to.

These guys don’t sound like a band that takes themselves too seriously with song titles such as, ‘disco biscuits (for breakfast)’ and ‘got your nose’ but make no mistake, these are well constructed songs.

My only criticism (if you can call it that) is that the production is a bit rough but there is so much going on at times that it doesn’t take away much from the listening experience. This album definitely keeps you on your toes throughout, so many twists and turns you could quite easily get lost but it’s one hell of a trip.

I look forward to the next instalment already because based on what I’ve just listened to, the skies the limit and anything could happen.

Life’s a carnival….life is a carnival indeed. Bang! Bang! bang!

Stand out tracks: ‘The Twenty Four’, ‘No Cigar’, ‘Old Rats on a New Ship’


Review by The Purple Piper.

Bad For Lazarus

Caught In The Twist - Bad For Lazarus

New release – single and video ‘Caught In The Twist’

June 16th heralds the return of psychoutfit, Bad For Lazarus as they announce the release of their single, ‘Caught In The Twist’, off their upcoming debut Album Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!, due for release 28th July.

Reception for BFL’s first single, ‘My Muddle’ back at the end of 2012, bordered on hysterical, as they watched the record’s video fly to number two on the NME’s most popular video chart. Equally, ArtRocker stuck their Single Of The Month flag right through the track, citing the song’s effects as such to “pleasure all the neurological senses.”

Giving their fans and followers even more cowbell this time round, ‘Caught In The Twist’ is a fiery frolic of pleasingly scuffed up vocal harmonies, Rich and Richie’s trademark multi-guitar meatiness, and newcomer garage ghoul, Andrew Knightley’s distinct psycho-surf keys. “When I started the band,” says frontman Rich Fownes, “I said I wanted it to be like Buddy Holly meets Slayer. Well, here you go.”This video contains adult scenes.

As ever, BFL’s audio drive, fuzz and thwack is epitomised through ‘Caught In The Twist’; like the Beach Boys teamed up with Bela Lugosi and cooked dinner for Sid and Nancy.

“Lyrically Caught In The Twist is a love letter to the way of life that this band bestows upon us; it’s not always pretty, but it’s about that sense of perspective : we would all daydream about doing what we’re doing when we were kids. It’s easy to forget that, you can get blinkered and twisted. You can look at a band like an emotional and fiscal black hole…but you could look at a child the same way. That is the perspective, we are wading in a pool of madness, and the song is saying thank you for the chance! The song could be called “woah man, I didn’t see THAT coming” Rich Fownes.