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Amon Amarth

The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 19th January 2015.

WOO! First gig of 2015, this year promises to be a busy one, thank goodness, as last year was pretty rubbish, really! Christmas seemed to last forever, what with no gigs taking place, so tonight’s show was as welcome as a fat bloke climbing down my chimney!

First up, a band I’m clearly no stranger too, Savage Messiah, who seem to be going from strength to strength, with every show they perform, mark my words, one day this band will be selling out arenas like the bands they now seem to be supporting! Tonight was, as ever, a metal masterpiece although, I arrived slightly late and I missed the first track, then struggled to de-fog my camera as it had been in a cold boot all day and the Rescue Rooms, by now was a well thawed out metal mad house…BOOYA! We’re expecting big things from this band in 2015, there’s even mutter of a new album……I hope so, however their latest album “The Fateful Dark” which was released nearly a year ago via Earache Records continues to amass further Savage’s and still goes down a storm wherever it gets played! These guys are long over due a summer festival appearance in my opinion, so come on Bloodstock/Download, sort it out!

Joff Bailey - Savage Messiah

Set List: 1.I conocaust 2.Cross of Babylon 3.Hellblazer 4.Scavengers of Mercy 5.The Fateful Dark 6.Minority of One

Next up and a new band on me, but after tonight’s performance they are now firmly fixed on my radar and they are Huntress. These guys and rather attractive, very tall and very powerful lady hail from California and started out around 2007. It seems, after releasing several demos and EP’s they had what it takes and Napalm Records signed them up, sharpish, which enabled the band to release their debut album “Spell Eater” in May 2012, which, by all accounts was a complete smash and was given rave reviews by all and sundry!

Jill Janus - Huntress

Right from the get go, I was both shocked and amazed by how powerful Jill Janus is on vocals! She was dressed in black knee high boots, black figure hugging leggins, black hot pants, black top, black jacket and the most surprising item of all, were the black “legion and doom” style spikes that sat on her shoulders. As I raised my camera up to take the first shot, I was greeted with an impressive high kick and then some amazing visuals, which sadly I couldn’t capture as the lighting guy at the notorious (bad for lighting) Rescue Rooms was having a bad day!


The band seemed to get better as the set went on and by the time they got around to the track “I Want to F**k you to Death” they were all guns blazing and rocking the Rescue Rooms hard! Incidentally, Jill gave us an insight to the writing of this track, stating they asked their good friend Lemmy Kilmister to come up with a song, who simply wrote the words of the track title on a piece a paper, I wonder how he came up with that…… It’s no secret, I love a good female fronted band also but it’s hard not too, especially when you have the likes of the metal mistress Jill performing acrobatics on stage as at one point, during a lengthy guitar solo, she sat perched on a ledge, knees up, head down and simple gave us the horns……sherwing, I can’t wait to see this lot again! OOOO WHAT A RUSH!

Full Set List: 1.Spell Eater 2.Destroy Your Life 3.Harsh Times On Planet Stoked 4.Black Tongue 5.Children 6.Zenith 7.I Want to F**k You to Death 8.Eight of Swords

Tonight’s headlining band are a special kind of breed, Viking breed in fact, who really are from that part of the world – Sweden if I’m to be factually correct! These guys are a true powerhouse of a band, with over 1 million followers on their Facebook page so anyone who’s lucky enough to support them is sure to pick up some of those faithful Amon Amarth fans! This tour is to support their new album “Deceiver of the Gods” which is out now and available everywhere, sadly only on CD and MP3 though, no vinyl, boo!

Olavi Mikkonen - Amon Amarth

From what I can gather, every show so far has been a sell out. Having missed these guys play live at Bloodstock last year, due to being drowned by the deluge that morning, I did however manage to watch their set, thanks to Bloodstocks Live stream, which was very much appreciated, by the way. After watching that amazing set, I knew this band would be incredible live, who specialize in the dramatic. Sadly, the Rescue Rooms is a bit smaller that Bloodstock, so there were no 15ft dragons breathing fire, or viking long boats gracing the stage but where they lacked in the theatrical tonight, they made up for with true viking metal! Just what the doctor ordered!

Amon Amarth

(The other day, I was on the train and saw a guy wearing his battle denim and low and behold, his large patch, which sat central on the back was an Amon Amarth patch, which tells me how important this band are to the music faithful! Random though there, but I felt it important enough to bring up!)

If I’ve ever to meet a true Viking in the flesh, Johan Hegg (vocals) would be it, he’s as tall as a tall thing and has massive hands that could crush the skull of any mere mortal! Speaking of vocals, Johan’s were fine tonight, although there was an incident earlier on in the tour where the band had to do an acoustic set with the exception of one track, which Jill Janus took up the rains, as the menacing front man had lost his voice! As stated, he was back in fine voice tonight and has continued to be for the rest of the tour, so don’t panic munchkins, your favourite front man is fine and ready to SKREAM!

Johan Hegg - Amon Amarth

These three continue to march on tour, with 2 further UK dates, Lemmington Spa and Southampton, before they continue on into Europe, where I’m sure they will continue to conquer metal fans and venues there too!

Set List: 1.Father of the Wolf 2.Deceiver of the Gods 3.Live for the Kill 4.Varyags of Miklagaard 5.Asator 6.For Victory or Death 7.As Loke Falls @Info[shout out to Andy Sneap] 8.Bleed for Ancient Gods 9.Death in Fire 10.The Last Stand of Frej 11.Guardians of Asgaard 12.Shape Shifter 13.Cry of the Black Birds 14.War of the Gods 15.Victorious March 16.Twilight of the Thunder God 17.The Pursuit of Vikings

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)