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Press To Meco

With support from Chapter and Verse plus Acoda at The Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes 11th October 2019.

As we entered the Craufurd Arms based in Wolverton, it was great to see a good crowd before the bands were about to play. We caught up with some fans and talked about who they were interested on seeing and the overall response is like ourselves going to a music store picking up an album, going to the booth then playing the album only this is live! It’s great to see the merchandise stands with band members behind them promoting what they love and for the rock society in Milton Keynes being a place to visit.

New blood to our metal scene and already pushing boundaries were Acoda, who flowed with a very fresh vibe. One band member, guitarist Jake Crawford, who I had to nickname ‘Sparky’ as he just seems to explode with energy which kept the crowd alive and engaged. I look forward to seeing where this band will go in the future – bring on the next generation of metal heads!

As our drinks were refreshed, the second band Chapter and Verse took to the stage. I really enjoyed how the lead singer Josh Carter had me glued to his facial expressions, which brought me into the lyrics with to life as if you had lived it. The songs contained a mix of mainstream all the way through to heavy nu metal. Well worth a see!

The last band to hit the stage was Press To Meco, a three piece band that really got the crowd going. It’s obvious why this band is so popular in places like this – great entertainment, musically brilliant, talented and I could really hear their musical influences.

Their recent album release ‘Here’s to the Fatigue‘ is full of ingenuity, feeling and I could relate to a lot of the lyrical catalogue. I can only presume that this was kind of the intention such as going through tough times, coming out the other side maybe not in one piece, but you got out kind of thing.

During their set they got a wall of death enveloped with great catchy sing-alongs and looking across the audience, I couldn’t see one member of the crowd standing still. If you manage to see these guys in your area it will be a great night for sure, you’ll be coming out with a sore neck and feet from all that dancing and head banging. These guys need to be heard for sure!

To see more photographs from the night, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr.

Review by Lucy Greene with Photography by Masaaki Black