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A Higher Demise

‘The Doctor Will See You Now’.

A Higher Demise

Smashing out from the depths of South-East London, A Higher Demise are here to pulverize your senses. This young 5-piece expertly deliver an intense experience through a huge sound, combined with heavy/melodic vocals, dynamic builds and crushing drops.

Signed to Ambicon Records, the bands latest EP ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ has gained them tons of press and fans alike, with some seriously serious jaw drop moments that make the hardest metal head break their neck, mixed with the kind of choruses and vocal acrobatics that make crowds scream/sing ‘til they have no voice. Just check out the video to previous release ‘My Therapist Knows You By Name’.

New release ‘All These Reasons’ sees them add the word ‘anthemic’ to the superlatives. Officially released as a single on Monday 6th April, the track’s video is already out there and building views. The band are playing shows throughout the year, unafraid to stand out from their melodic metalcore crowd and mix it with thrash, death and hardcore bands alike – with supports for the likes of Balls Deep, One Machine (Ex Testament) and Cypher 16 all booked.