With support from The Trews and Deadcuts.

The O2 Academy3 Birmingham 8th October 2014.

Note to self – Birmingham on an October school night can be wet, windy and pretty dismal and in a situation like that, the only thing to do is to head on over to where the music is playing.

But as grim as my evening had started of being, I think it paled into insignificance compared to the day that our opening band, the Deadcuts must have been having. With their anticipated start time seeing their stage set up still under way, you just knew that their best made plans hadn’t quite work out as hoped. Never the less, the Deadcuts remained focused on the task in hand and with enough time remaining for them to give the early evening crowd at the O2 Academy3 a shortened version of their previously planned set, the evening finally got underway. I found the sound and style of the Deadcuts to be quite a musical enigma that sits somewhere between the pillars of art and indie. With a cavern of creativity in-between and being full of this bands amazing songwriting ability, it really would have been good to have had more time to take everything in, but tonight wasn’t to be the night for that. So here’s looking forward to the next time that the Deadcuts make the trip back up to the West Midlands and the chance to catch their set in full.

Mark McCarthy

Nova Scotia in Canada is quite a distance from Birmingham in the West Midlands but the name and musical reputation of The Trews had made short work of that journey and there was a hearty welcome awaiting the band as they took to the stage tonight. With over a decade in existence, the band have crafted an ingenious smooth and elegant style of hard rocking music that is popular in many a country worldwide and after seeing The Trews set tonight, there was no doubt in my mind as to why this is so.

Colin MacDonald

With their latest and fifth album ’Rise In The Wake’ being a big hitter in Canada, I was really hoping we would get to hear a few tracks from it and it was to be my lucky night, with an outstanding performance of the albums titled track being delivered. The next time that The Trews make the journey back to our shores, they really are a must see band – and here’s hoping we see them back here again soon!

Jack Syperek

With a name like Supersuckers and a self penned prophecy from the band of being “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world”, I already had the feeling in advance of tonight, that our headline act was gonna fit well within the crazy wild side of life and you know what – I wasn’t wrong!

Eddie Spaghetti

In the knowledge that tonight’s show was the bands 27th consecutive night on tour, they could have been forgiven if they didn’t live up to such an expectation but Supersuckers are not a band to take their rock ‘n’ roll lying down and throughout the entirety of their set, the band were never anything less than outstanding. I have to big it up for their die hard and dance hard fans aswell, as here we had an audience hell bent on enjoying every last minute that they could grab, in the company of Supersuckers.

Dan 'Thunder' Bolton

With so many great tracks to their name, tonight’s set list played out like a Christmas wish list, but with particular favourites being ‘ Get The Hell’, ‘Rock ‘n Roll Records’ and ’Born With A Tail’ .

'Metal' Marty Chandler

Tonight was one of those gigs that people still talk and smile about weeks later and music224 would like to shout out a big ‘Hell Yeah’ to The Deadcuts, The Trews and Supersuckers for letting us be part of it!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.