Steve Hackett

Genesis Revisited Tour

Symphony Hall Birmingham 16th May 2013.

It would have been easier to sell your soul to the devil than acquire a ticket to see Steve Hackett’s recent show. What better venue than the Birmingham Symphony Hall to stage the eagerly awaited return of Mr Hackett playing a plethora of tracks off  “Genesis Revisited II”.

Steve Hackett

The air was electric with anticipation prior to Mr Hackett taking to the stage but as soon as the opening bars of ‘Watcher Of The Skies’ began, the eagerly awaiting audience knew they were in for a treat. Backed by a breathtaking light show including giant moving angle poise lamps, the show was set to be an assault on the senses.

Nad Sylvan and Steve Hackett

The sell out crowd listened and watched intently as Hackett and his assembly of top class musicians took the audience on a magical journey playing some of the greatest tracks from the classic Genesis era. Belting out gigantic tracks such as ‘Dance On A Volcano’, ‘Eleventh Earl Of Mar’, ‘Fly On A Windshield’ and ‘Broadway Melody Of 1974’, the fans were in awe.

Steve Hackett and Gary O'Toole

I don’t think Hackett could have picked a better vocalist than Nad Sylvan. The man has a voice that is an uncanny mix of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins rolled up into one, yet he has a stage presence and a look that is all his own. Sylvan delivered outstanding vocal performances on tracks such as ‘The Musical Box’ and ‘Carpet Crawlers’, and surely even the most devoted Gabriel and Collins fan would have to be pleased with his abilities.

Nad Sylvan

One track stood out for me above all and that was ‘The Lamia’, a beautiful track ordinarily but with the suprise addition of a clarinet piece that bounced off Hackets haunting guitar solo perfectly. As Hackett bought the two and a half hour show to a glorious conclusion, the last few notes of ‘Supper’s Ready’ faded into the sound of the ever appreciative crowd who had already taken to their feet with a raucous round of applause. Sadly, it was time to bid farewell to Steve Hackett and his band. If anyone had any doubts about Hackett without Genesis they were now laid to rest.

Steve Hackett and Band.

A must for all classic Genesis fans.

Steve Hackett and Band

Words and Photography by Mark Lloyd (ML Imagery)