Soley Mourning

With support from Hightale.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 5th April 2014.

I’ve been a fan of Soley Mourning for a fair few years now and with each and every album of theirs that I’ve frantically purchased and at all of the gigs that I’ve been privileged to attend, there has always been a quality and a presence about these guys that I can only describe as the West Midlands WOW factor.

Tonight, The Slade Rooms played host to the launch of Soley Mourning’s latest album ‘The Rocket Pool’ and as far as albums go, it very quickly qualified as a must have repeat player, as once again it boasts all the integral rock ‘n’ roll ingredients that this band possess. To check out Xenia Seurat’s review of the album for Music224, click HERE.

Getting things started tonight were the wickedly entertaining West Midlands based, Hightale. Consisting of Scot Griffiths (vocals), Jonboy Rowley (guitar), Richard Bloomer-Davies (guitar), Steven Bell (bass) and Phillip Newbury on drums, Hightale are one of those bands who quickly cut to the rock ‘n’roll chase and tonight they were on their finest of form.

Steven Bell - Hightale

Scot Griffiths was a front man on a mission tonight and that mission being to make sure everyone at The Slade Rooms was ready for a great night and he certainly got the response he wanted as the audience were in fine voice aswell tonight. A great start to the evening from Hightale and a truly impressive effort in the building of their own designer mic stand!

Scot Griffiths - Hightale

Soley Mourning were first born back in 2006 and in their current entity, the band comprises of Mat Partridge (vocals), Andy Guest (guitar), Tone Chambers (guitar), Dattani (bass) and Lloyd Daker on drums. As a band, they now stand out stronger than ever and their new album ‘The Rocket Pool’ boasts a wealth of consistently well written songs that whilst pulsing through the veins of classic rock are also tinged with a touch of blues and a social conscience, and as always, each song that they’ve penned serves to highlight Soley Mourning’s enduring ability for being a band of seriously talented musicians.

Lloyd Daker - Soley Mourning

With the launch ready for take off and the audience ignited, Soley Mourning’s set exploded into action with ‘Double Drop’ and was seamlessly followed up with ‘Way Down Low’ and their first airing of one of their new tracks ‘Shark Eyes’. No audience favourite was left unplayed as their set progressed and a few new favourites were made aswell judging by the reaction received to ‘Accidental Enemies’ and ‘Last Of These Nine Lives’.

Dattani - Soley Mourning

With so much energy flowing both on and off stage, the launch of ‘The Rocket Pool’ hit just the right spot, making the night nothing short of triumphant!

Mat Partridge - Soley Mourning

Tonight’s set list included: 1. Double Drop 2. Way Down Low 3. Shark Eyes 4. Zaire 5. She’s Gonna Make It Shine 6. But If Defeat Was Ever Glorious 7. Nothing Ain’t Nearly Enough 8. Midday Moonshine 9. Remove Replace Rewire 10. Accidental Enemies 11. So Long Song 12. Turn Yourself Around 13. Only Embers 14. Tomorrow Never Comes 15. Wake Up Callin 16. Groundhog Saturday 17. Easylife 18. Deadman’s Town. Encore included ‘Last Of These Nine Lives’, ‘Gimme Sumthin’ and ‘Going Down To Rio’.

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.