Rock City Nottingham 1st November 2014.

This was a tough review to write, especially when you consider Ryan McCombs (SOiL) suffered a stroke on the Sunday, after their headline set at Rock City on the Saturday!!! Thankfully, he is recovering, so we’d like to wish him a speedy recovery!

The first of four bands on tonight were Wolfborne, all the way from Vancouver and consist’s of Chris Witoski – Vocals, Lanning Kann – Guitar, Brett Nussbaum – Bass and Robbie Sheldrick – Drums.

From what I can remember, these guys rocked hard and looked the part, especially bassist Robbie, sporting a rather fetching mow-hawk. What with Halloween being the night before, vocalist Chris got into character and had smeared blood all over his head. A great song by these guys, is “Sex Sells” check it out on you tube.


(hed) Planet Earth next, a band I should have known before-hand, yet they seem to have slipped my net, that is until tonight. With the popularity of cross over bands, such as Skindred, who SOiL toured with earlier this year. I feel SOiL wanted a similar band to support them especially after seeing how well Skindred go down at a live show and they managed it with (hed PE) for tonights show, as their styles are very similar and quite frankly, they rocked as hard, if not harder, who have a slightly more aggressive reggae/metal sound than Skindred.

Having started life some 10 years ago, these guys have amassed a huge following, but seem to have laid dormant for many years for what ever reason, but it seems they are back, with a vengeance. Their new album “Evolution” is released next month and I for one will be interested to hear what it sounds like, as tonight’s show was killer!

Jahred Gomes

Front man Jared is a mad man, who also looks like a bit of a hard b*stard, he’s certainly someone I wouldn’t want to cross, lets put it that way! He emerged on stage in a camouflaged jacket and a bandanner covering his face, which made him look very menacing, which complimented their musical style perfectly.

Setlist may have looked something like this:

1.No Turning Back 2.Bloodfire 3.Killing Time 4.Whitehouse 5.Blackout 6.Bartender 7.One More Body 8.Renegade 9.Raise Hell 10.Peer Pressure 11.Hold On 12.Ghost Town (Specials cover)

American Head Charge next, a band who are really starting to find their true form again. Having seen them tour with RSJ, almost a year to the day at a very intimate venue (which seemed to shock a lot of people), it was no surprise to see them back on the big stage at Download this year. I never saw that performance (at Download) but after tonight, I can only imagine it went down a storm, as these guys certainly suit the larger venues. There was a slight hic-up with Chad’s mic, which he wasn’t all too happy about, which was a shame, as the guys at Rock City are usually very good at delivering the goods! Tonights set from AHC was an absolute belter, they managed to get the crowd moshing hard, Chad even managed to perform an EPIC stage dive, from the top of the speaker stack (Stage right) where he was successfully caught by the crowd and surfed back to the stage to finish the set. Loved it!

Karma Singh Cheema

SOiL then, having seen them in January this year, when they supported Skindred, I had to go back to witness a head lining set from these guys. Before the show, we managed to grab an interview with Ryan and if you follow this link, you can hear it for yourself. Thankfully this wasn’t his last ever interview and no, it isn’t worth even thinking about, but poor old McCombs had a stroke on the Sunday, after this show. Thankfully, tonight was the last night of the tour, so fans weren’t disappointed, but I’m sure they would have understood and I’m sure they are all wishing him well!

Ryan McCombs and Adam Zadel

Amazingly, he seemed up-beat and energetic on stage tonight? Again, McComb’s mic failed, so he got the crowd to sing the words to the first track “Loaded Gun” Once back on track, McCombs continued. Some arse-wipe was busting balls from the start, asking for Halo, which is SOiL’s biggest and most loved track to date, so they had to play that song, or there would be a riot, but shouting it out between every track must piss the band off, as they have written a great variety of tracks, which makes for an awesome set and show!

Tim King and Ryan McCombs

Tonight, I was a little dis-appointed with the lighting, which was a shame as the last time I saw them, the lights were top notch, apparently though, that was a one off, as they usually like the lights to be difficult, odd, especially when you think a band would want good publicity shots? Any how, get well soon Ryan, hope to see you on the road again soon.


Tonight’s set list may have looked something like this:

1.(Intro) We will rock you 2.Loaded Gun 3.Two Skins 4.The Hate Song 5.Deny Me 6.Need to Feel 7.The One 8.Way Gone 9.Redefine 10.Unreal 11.Breaking Me Down 12.Halo @Info[Ryan sung the song within the crowd] 13.Shine On

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)