Snake Oil & Harmony

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 1st April 2015.

Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed are both accomplished and seasoned travellers in the world of rock music and for those of us who have enjoyed listening to their respective journeys for many a year, the creation of The Snake Oil & Harmony tour is nothing short of an acoustic match made in musical heaven.

Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed

Tonight’s gig at The Slade Rooms was the eighth night of an eleven consecutive date tour and judging by the rave reviews from fans that have steadily been popping up on the internet, what these two guys have created together is turning out to be something rather refreshing and just a wee bit special too.

Dan Reed.

The set lists that have been heard so far throughout The Snake Oil & Harmony Tour, have to be described as a body of rock ‘n’ roll history, due to the compilation of classic tracks that span across the careers of both these great musicians. Tonight’s catalogue at The Slade Rooms continued in that very same vein, with a host of Dan Reed favourites and including ’Closer’, ’Rainbow Child’, and ’Brave New World’, all of which were delivered with the genuine breath of emotion that Mr Reed’s songs always seem to possess.

Dan Reed

Tonight’s set list choice from Danny Vaughn was as always, a pleasure to behold with an abundance of tracks that are well known and well loved. The big highlight for me being the inclusion of the two tracks ‘Suddenly’ and ‘Damn’, both of which are taken from the 2004 album ‘From The Inside’.

Danny Vaughn

There’s no doubting that both Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed have music coded into their DNA, but what time sometimes restricts in a live performance, is for an artistes personality and sense of humour to shine through. Tonight, that certainly wasn’t to be the case as with a full two hours to play with, the conversation and mirth between these two collaborators was just about as random and funny as it gets. From the virtues of a good pint of Guinness… or two, to the creative craft of quilting and many other subjects in-between – their banter was truly infectious.

Danny Vaughn.

With the music drawing to a close for the evening, both Danny and Dan joined the audience for photos and conversation, and just standing back and watching the responses they received from their fans, truly acknowledged the appreciation that both these great musicians deserve.

Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed.

I very much hope that this collaboration between Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed will continue in one form or another, whether that be more live performances or perhaps some recording as their kind of Snake Oil is a sure fire way of easing that which ails you!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.