The Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton 13th October 2014.

You really couldn’t wish for a better line up than that which The Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton had lined up for us this evening, and starting our night off spectacularly, were the outstanding band, Martyr de Mona.

There aren’t many bands who can lay claim to not one, but two appearances at the Wulfrun Hall in the same year, however Martyr de Mona are one very such band. When you reflect upon the outstanding work, write and play commitment that these guys make to the West Midlands music community – and beyond, it does bring a smile to the heart to see this band achieving what they most certainly deserve.

Louis Hale

With their opening set tonight providing the audience with a ravenous cornucopia of tracks including several from their recent album release ‘Impera’, Martyr de Mona left their mark on The Wulfrun audience and I suspect, went home with a fair few more fans than they arrived with!

Joshua Wooldridge

Our second support band for the evening were Liberty Lies and as with their predecessors, we were privileged in witnessing an intensely enigmatic performance from yet another up and coming West Midlands band.

Adam Stevens

Front man Shaun Roberts, was in his element on The Wulfrun stage tonight, with his distinctively powerful vocals and endless supply of energy whipping up a storm throughout the Wulfrun’s audience. Liberty Lies are without any shadow of a doubt, a must see band and with their performance tonight being worthy of a headlining act on any other occasion, I can highly recommend checking them out.

Shaun Richards

With the anticipation of our headlining act building in unison with the stage technicians busy in their work on stage, there was an undeniable adrenaline fuelled atmosphere and excitement rising, which had me holding my breathe in the anticipation of what was about to happen. As the lights dimmed, The Wulfrun roared and something very special was clearly about to begin.

John Cooper

Skillet first formed in Memphis Tennessee back in 1997 and since then, the band have worked tirelessly at building an international following for their inspiring brand of Christian rock. With John Cooper being a front man who truly defines the title and in wedded partnership of Korey Cooper on rhythm guitar, there really is a heart felt family connection that spanned both band and audience tonight.

Korey Cooper

With their performance tonight being a first time visit to Wolverhampton, the wish list of songs Wolverhampton wanted to hear could probably have filled several sheets of A4 and Skillet are not a band that give anything less than 110%. To pick the stand out song of the night for me is a task and a half but their performance of the 2013 single release ’Sick Of It’ from the album ’Rise’, really did raise the roof at The Wulfrun!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.