Release date friday 29th January 2016.

Since receiving my promo copy of the new album ‘Black Sheep’ I’ve pretty much had it on repeat, I’m loving it.The opening track ‘Breaking Out’ does just that, like a caged animal, this band breaks out and proceeds to attack the senses, in amazing style. You’ll be forgiven for thinking Dani Filth has appeared to do some guest vocals on this track though, as Tarin has managed to emulate the Cradle of Filth front mans iconic whale, personally, I don’t mind the sound, but I know some don’t. Don’t let this put you off though, in my opinion, this is the bands way of showing off the vocal talents of Tarin and a way of opening an album up in epic fashion. In my opinion this album’s strongest attributes are the talents of both Tarin and her vocal partner Nick, who offers the perfect contrast to Tarin’s extremely powerful voice.


The next track on this album, is ‘Pretty Girl’ and is one of my personal favourites off ‘Black Sheep’. As far as metal tracks go, it’s very catchy and very addictive, if this track doesn’t leave you wanting to know more about this band, then, quite frankly, you’re dead inside! Get in the sea! Sanguine have featured this track in a new video too, which was one of two tracks off this album they’ve turned into a music video. The band filmed it out in Vegas and when you consider the lyrical content, I can see why – trust me, it’s well worth a watch!

Incidentally, the second music video they released recently is ‘Save Me’ again, go to for more info.

I simply love Tarin’s voice and this album is the perfect showcase for it’s power and range. Take tracks ‘Breath Out’, ’The Blue’ and ‘Whole World’ for example, where the rest of the album is fast, loud and heavy, these tracks are just really nice melodic pieces of music that helps to give this album so much contrast and variety. You simply can’t get bored listening to this album, it’s by far one of my favourite releases so far this year!

Sanguine recorded this album in Gothenberg and Stockholm. Jesper Stromblad from In Flames co-wrote and features on two tracks (Empty/Breathe Out) Daniel Flores was its producer. Oh and Mats Limpan Lindfors mastered it (he is famous for producing Candle Mass and loads of other bands – known for the ‘Swedish’ sound).

Key tracks, for me are Pretty Girl, Empty, Carousel and Breathe Out.

My score for this album is 8.5/10, A diverse album with plenty of contrast within it, with vocals that will blow your mind!

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)