The Hairy Dog Derby 25th October 2014.

Back in the dog house tonight, no not with the Mrs, but the awesome live music venue in Derby! Tonight we had three bands playing that were sure to entertain! Tonight’s entertainment was the result of Buzzard Promotions.

First up were Raptorgeist who I believe are from the Midlands, as I’ve worked with vocalist/guitarist Daryl Soar in my day job. I see these guys everywhere I go, but until now I’d missed them perform. It’s safe to say that they’re not my cup of tea musically, but that doesn’t mean to say I wasn’t entertained though. Simon, on guitar looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself up on stage and maybe he could teach the others how to relax a bit and enjoy their time on the stage, also? Great bunch of guys though and they stuck around for the other bands aswell, which is always appreciated.

Daryl Soar

Next up, a lesser known band who go by the name of Mortishead. On reading the band name on the flyer, I’d wondered if these guys, from Bristol, were a Portishead covers band, but how wrong can one man be. Whilst walking around the venue, we thought Jakk from Evil Scarecrow had come to pay RSJ a visit, but it turns out, he has a double who also happens to be Mortisheads eccentric frontman and vocalist! On stage was a large box that had been covered over with a black sheet and I’ll admit, I was hoping for a puppet show, but it turned out to be a large box of musical effects, which went down a storm.

Jono Hoskins

These guys were brilliant, full on, loud, energetic, entertaining and who also happen to play some f’in good metal. I can’t usually get on with screaming vocals as I can’t really related to what they’re talking about, but in this instance the vocals acted as another effect, or instrument and worked well. Where the first band failed to ignite any sort of flame within me, these guys succeeded to kick start the excitement. Be sure to check these guys out, as they are awesome!

Luke Spencer-Harrop

Finally, it was time for RSJ and it’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys play, in fact, it was almost a year to the day, when I last saw them supporting American Head Charge in Leicester. On that occasion, they had just dropped their latest album Higgs Boson. This time round, whilst chewing the fat with the guys, I discovered they are off to record their latest album “Giant Glen” down in sunny Brighton. I can reveal that their approach to recording this new album is unique, what with modern day recording methods, yet it harps back to the old days when bands would record their albums, track by track and live, in one take. Although they are happy with their other albums, RSJ say they have never quite been able to capture the bands raw energy that you get at a live show, on any of their previous albums. I hope they pull it off, coz their live show are off the chain!

Guff Thomas

Tonight’s performance from the guys was just what the doctor ordered, as soon as I heard Jermaine Stewart’s – ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. RSJ’s intro music has to be the best ever, and always gets a great reaction from the crowd and tonight was no exception.

Dan Kentley

I love this bands pure energy, in fact, if you ever speak to Dan Cook (vocalist) any other time, he’s calm and collected but once he’s on stage however, he undergoes some sort of transformation and becomes a box of frogs, quite literally! I along with everyone else couldn’t help but jump around the venue WITH Dan, who was, by this point pacing up and down the venue. I love trying to photograph this band and it’s become a personal challenge to capture some great shots of the guys performing, but its virtually impossible as they all move so fast – yes, even Matt! haha

Dan Cook

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)