RockWich – Part 2

Lostock Sports & Social Club 30th August 2015.

And today’s event continues with Defy All Reason who are four rockers from Wales with a unique hard heavy rock and southern style sound. Their debut album “Every Second Counts” is out now and if the new single “Bad Blood” is anything to go by, then the album will be awesome.

After speaking with some of the bands, Falling Red was the band they were looking forward to seeing and with the crowd numbers increasing, they were one of the favourites of the day. Founded in 2007, Falling Red are a four piece rock/metal band from Newcastle, Carlisle and Edinburgh. Playing endless gigs, the bands hard work has paid off with ever increasing numbers and venue sizes every night, with everyone wanting to see the most talked about British band in years. With tour supports including Sebastian Bach and also Steel Panther, who also soon became fans and were watching nightly from the side of the stage.

Falling Red

They did not disappoint with an amazing energy on stage and looking like they were having just as much fun as the crowd. “No Sanctuary” from their new album being a big crowd pleaser with lots of audience participation – thirty minutes just wasn’t enough, with the crowd and the band obviously wanting more.

Bigfoot are a five piece hard rock band from Wigan. Formed in 2014 they are a relatively new band on the scene but with the energy and confidence on stage you would never have known. They have been busy in that short space of time, playing festivals such as Breakout and SOS and gigging heavily in the UK. Bigfoot take their influences from different genres from The Eagles to Pantera. December 2014 they released their debut EP.

Big Foot

After playing “Come Down Our Way” from the debut EP, a request came in and not wanting to disappoint their audience, they carried on with “Blame It On The Dog”. Finishing their set with “The Otherside of Paradise”, they made a fantastic impression and as one of the favourites to win this year’s Highway To Hell, I think we will be seeing a lot more of these guys over the next year.

Bluesy Rockers, Bad Touch formed in 2009 as five young lads in school or college in Norwich, playing the local pubs with rock covers and throwing a few of their own into the set, With influences from SKIN, AC/DC, Guns’N’Roses, Little Angels and Led Zepplin. Starting to get noticed by their own material and now having a fan base, they released their debut EP. 2012 saw them invited to play Hard Rock Hell and 2013 touring with the Quireboys and winning the Marshall Ultimate Band contest which secured them a spot at Download 2014. 2014 then saw them touring with Bonafide, Electric Boys and Tyketto. Debut album “Half Way Home” released April 2015.

Bad Touch

Starting their set with the bluesy, energetic and can’t help but get you dancing track “Bring It On Back” the crowd didn’t need any warming up, dancing and clapping from the second they came on stage. Bad Touch slowed it down with “Halfway Home” and jeered it back up again with “Wise Water” and the crowd favourite “Good On Me”. The boys have a great stage presence and interacted with the crowd all the way through their set. Unfortunately again I felt as if the crowd was disappointed with just thirty minutes, and I most certainly would have loved to have seen them play for a little bit longer.

The Texas Flood are a three piece rock band from Wales. With their own vintage sound and style, they have a reputation as one of the most hard working rock bands on the scene. Tom, Ben and Tom have recently won the Highway to Hell 5 National award in Glasgow and have signed a two album deal with Off Yer Rocka Recordings worldwide. Their debut album “Young Dogs, Old Tricks” is out now.

Texas Flood

Texas Flood had the crowd up from the minute they got on stage, I got the impression a lot had been waiting to see these guys and I understand why! After starting with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” they had a little difficulty with breaking the drum kit but that was quickly resolved and they carried on with a new album track “Shoot Me Down” and their upcoming single “Let The Wind Blow”. With being almost an hour behind schedule at this point Texas Flood did have to cut their set a little short which was very disappointing, as myself and the crowd was very much enjoying it.

New Device are a five piece hard rock band from South East England. Daniel Leigh, Roz Ison, Matt Mallery, Nick Jones and Nick Hughes describe themselves as authentic, solid, blues based hard rock and take their influences from rock giants such as Aerosmith, Guns’N’Roses and Metallica and newer rock such as Alterbridge and Stone Sour.

New Device

New Device have played many UK festivals including to be the first to open the first High Voltage Festival and toured with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, GUN, Heavens Basement and the Treatment. They were also handpicked by Richie Sambora to support Bon Jovi at the O2 on their last tour.

Unfortunately due to the venue running out of food, I missed some of New Device’s set whilst we ordered from the local takeaway. What I did get chance to hear impressed me – amazing guitar riffs and good hard rock! I managed to listen to their three songs from their latest EP “Takin Over, Here We Stand and In The Fading Light” and certainly recommend you grab a listen.

Avenger are a five piece heavy/thrash/classic metal band from Newcastle. Having released two albums in the 1980’s before splitting up and reunited in 2005. Current members since 2007 are Gary Young, Liam Thompson, Sean Jeffries, Ian Swift and Ian Fulton have toured with and played alongside Twisted Sister, Saxon, Rage, Candlemass, UFO, Raven, Sinner, Grim Reaper, Cradle of Filth, Skyclad and Diamond Head. The new album “The Slaughter Never Stops” was released in December 2014.

Unfortunately lead singer Ian had problems with his microphone from the very beginning but he did not let this put him off and carried on regardless whilst the sound guys tried to rectify the problem. Ian even went out into the crowd that were sitting at the top of the room to entice them down onto the floor. He did manage to sing “Fate” from their new album and “Deathrays 2000” from their first album back in the 80’s and finishing with “Enforcer”.

Our headliners of the day were Salem, a five piece hard/heavy rock band from Hull. Formed by Paul Tognola, Paul Conyers, Adrian Jenkinson and Paul Macnamara in 1979 after the split of Ethel the Frog and New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Soon Tognola left and was replaced with Simon Saxby and Mark Allison. 1982 saw Conyers replaced with Paul Mendham and on 31 May 1983 Salem played their final gig. 2010 saw the return of Salem with A double album compilation of the band’s 1980s recordings, entitled “In The Beginning…”, and a new album “Forgotten Dreams” in 2013. In July 2015, a new re-mastered version of the “In The Beginning …” album was released by High Roller Records and the songs have been re-arranged into the original chronological order.


Unfortunately as the running times were now over an hour late, I was not able to stay for the full set from Salem which I was gutted about. Not coming on until after midnight, the crowds had started to dwindle and I did feel sorry for the guys, after speaking with Paul earlier on I was looking forward to seeing how Salem had transformed from the 80’s songs to the new recent material but a long two hour drive home awaited me.

They did not let the disappearing crowds stop them giving it their all and I did manage to see them perform “When Love’s in Your Heart”, “High Stakes” and “Ask The Lonely” and all had a very old school classic hard rock sound. I hope I get a chance to see them again and see them at their full potential as I thoroughly enjoyed the few songs I did manage to catch.

In all I had a great time at RockWich which was a very jam-packed day of good rock and metal. I have to say Bad Touch, Texas Flood and Falling Red were my favourites and from the reactions of the crowd I think they would agree but you can’t go wrong at £10 for fifteen bands. I’m already looking forward to next year but I think I will take advantage of the free campsite next time so I don’t miss out on any of the bands or have to drive home in the early hours of the morning.

Review by Toni Reed and Photography By Neil Reed.