‘Corruption Kingdom’ – Album Review.

Fans of Rezinwolf – good news, their debut album, titled Corruption Kingdom, has landed and is being released through Killer Metal Records, in Germany. Formed back in 2009, it really hasn’t taken these guys long to become the awesome power house of a band that you hear today. Dan Murphy – lead vocals and guitars, Kirk Stephens – Bass and backing vocals, Brad Wosko – guitars and backing vocals and Sam Wheeler – drums, these guys hail from Harwich, Essex, which tells me they ain’t all fake tanned, whitened teeth buffoons, as these guys are salt of the earth, BADASS thrash metal musicians! Their first release known as ‘Deathstalker’, got tremendous support, which fuelled their determination to produce their first EP ‘The Nightmare begins’. Off the strength of this material, the band managed to secure many gigs, including a slot at Britain’s newest hard metal festival Beermageddon, which is where I first encountered them. Since then, I’ve been a real fan and have managed to see them a few times now, so I was extremely honoured to get the opportunity to listen and review this album. I feel a member of the Rezinwolf pack, briefly Howllllllllll!!!!!!

Rezinwolf - Corruption Kingdom

Track 1 is a full 53second intro, complete with atmospheric piano build up, I hate long intro’s, but it is deceptive and leads you into a false sense of security. I just hope they don’t use all 53seconds at a live show!

Track 2, Rage Against Us, smacks you right back to reality, with a full on assault to the senses. The lyrical content and theme for this album covers various topics, centering around the corruption we all experience in today’s modern society.

Track 3, Hail to Armageddon, also the new single off the album, is an absolute monster of a thrash metal track, with some fierce drumming, accompanied by some absolutely mind blowing riffs. Both Dan Murphy and Brad Wosko share guitar duties, but if memory serves me correctly, Brad is the one responsible for the mind blowing, ear bending guitar solo’s that feature throughout this album.

Track 4, Beyond the Rapture, by this point in the album, I have literally torn myself a new one, bouncing around the house with the volume firmly positioned at maximum, I’m sure you the reader will do too. What I love about Rezinwolf is, they have a great balance to their music. Dan delivers great lyrics with his unique voice, whilst the entire bands energy is felt throughout. At the end of this track, you can hear a heart monitor, which would be beating a lot quick if the machine was attached to me!

This heart beat leads you onto track 5, but flatlines, throwing you into the Tomb of The Incarcerated, which is classic Rezinwolf. This track is short, but packs a mighty punch. Talking of short, track 6, Flag Runs Red, brings back that melodic piano again, only plays for 67seconds, but links with the start of the album. I most commend Rezinwolf for their ingenuity and willingness to experiment on this album. It certainly helps to break up the intensity from the rest of the tracks, that intensity is right back up in your face come track 7 though, titled, To Arm the Rebels. This track is certainly a showcase for the guitarists and I can imagine will feature in a future live performance, where it should stay, as its awesome!

Track 8, Onset of Plagues, is yet another display of Rezinwolf greatness and offers some great axe work. Rezinwolf’s style certainly reminds me of the early days of Thrash, Metallica in particular.

Blimey, track 9 already, doesn’t time fly when you’re moshin! Track 9, And Hell Followed with Him, has the longest playing time of 6.15mins and is full on thrash goodness. I love Dan’s vocals on this track, aye aye, aye……..and it is a real showcase for this bands full range of creativeness and talent. Conclusion, this album will tear you a new one!

I really can’t wait to see these guys play again, thankfully, we don’t have long to wait, as their schedule is getting very full in 2013. Do not, I repeat DO NOT miss these guys when they play Bloodstock 2013, as its going to be AWESOME. The album will be officially released to coincide with their performance at Bloodstock, so witness a piece of history in the making.

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)