White Devil Armory – Album Review.

Fast, frantic and precise. Overkill set out their stall early and they are selling heavy, groove laden thrash metal at its best.The follow up to 2012’s ‘The Electric Age’ truly is one of the bands finest hours.I’ll be honest , I didn’t know a great deal about this band except their reputation of being one of the mainstayers of the genre and for me, one of the best on this evidence.

Overkill - White Devil Armory

It has all the elements of thrash from the late 80’s/early 90’s but with modern day production which makes it even more punchy.

This band really has stuck to its guns through the years but have obviously taken some influence from modern day metal along the way and it isn’t just fast, fast, fast. This has so much variety of groove, you do not get bored at all.

Vocalist Bobby ‘Blitz’ is on fire here with his catchy hooks and searing screams present throughout and the double guitar riffery of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailor slays me time and time again especially on tracks like ‘Bitter Pill’ and ‘Down to the Bone’ to name just a couple.

This band have been raging since about 1980 and have been one of the most consistent bands out there and to think this album has come out around 34 years on from their birth is nothing short of remarkable. The intensity, the energy, the heaviness really surprised me if honest.

Yes, you could argue that, at times, it sounds a bit dated but that doesn’t take anything away from the overall power of ‘White Devil Armory’.

Right up to and including album closer ‘In The Name’, this album is a joy and a breath of fresh air into modern thrash metal.

Raise your horns and bang your head!


The Purple Piper.